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PREMIERE: Zero Call – Stellar wind (Arkademode Remix)


After their strong album “Fears & Dreams of Living Machines” which came out two years ago, Zero Call return to the scene with their smashing new hit single “Stellar Wind” for the German label “Emerald & Doreen Records”, including a videoclip by 3D artist Oscar Civit from Barcelona.

Zero Call keep on communicating through their personal Synth/Retrowave trademark sound about the social contradictions of the new century, a time when humans have fallen into the trap of endless technological progress. The story that arises is a tribute to Edward Snowden’s revelations.

The EP includes four remixes by some of the best underground Synth-Disco prducers and DJs Technobeton (BGR), Adrian Marth (SPA), Fab Mayday (ITA) and Arkademode (SPA).



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