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Tiempo de Maldad – El Diablo [Controlla] (2019)


The producer Tiempo de Maldad (aka. Roy Parra) comes and goes in the music, but it is as if he had always been there, because his productions have penetrated to the core both in reference stamps and in those located in the confines of the underground. Now he returns with El Diablo, which premieres inside under the Controlla label, composed of three original tracks and three remixes of artists such as TKUZ, Alvee, Steady State, Lusca and Inclan. A cast that in the words of TKUZ is incredible both in the original themes and in the direction that the remixes put.

The album starts with the homonymous theme to the EP title, and does so with a cut full of good vibrations and a dark air that is indicative of the Tiempo de Maldad inclination to always keep the listener in the first place. An emotional journey as eclectic and forceful as difficult to pigeonhole. It is followed by Abusadora, which gradually takes us into a more reflective terrain and which is in turn a demonstration of the producer’s ability to create cinematic atmospheres based on forceful percussions and relentless bass.

The producer Alvee is in charge of the El Diablo remix, where he keeps the sound of the original, but from a more powerful and powerful approach, keeping us constantly in the eye of the hurricane.

Abusadora Inclan remix is ??neat in its form, providing a wide variety of influences to its particular style, and without losing the spirit of the original. It is followed by the TKUZ remix of the El Diablo track, where it adds forcefulness to the original, channeling its music with a firm hand, as if it were a rider who has perfectly combined with his mount, giving the whole disc a patina , heterodox, and here comes the best, powerful, magnetic and danceable, while engaging the digital language in a thick analog tapestry. For TKUZ himself it is one of his own favorite remixes so far this year, in a relationship with the 100% musical and brotherhood seal. In his own words, I admire a lot how they maintain their ideals, they always stay together thinking on the next level… I think it is one of the few labels that pay attention to new talents and give them the opportunity. This concludes the Mexican producer, who predicts a powerful electronic future, waiting for his first album Getting High to be published on Shara Music, apart from demos in which he experiments with his way of recording. I want to address new things without leaving my familiar style… I want to make music with many friends like Roy Parra, Pvlomo, Moo Moonster, Ali X x Ximena, Francois del Mundo, TKUZ nuances.

It is followed by the powerful Abusadora remix of producer Steady State, who, true to his idea, has no problem and finds the way back to its original modus operandi, trying to create something powerful without using too many instruments and layers. Finally, the Lusca remix of El Diablo, closes the EP bluntly, resulting in a record that is a complete course of music, a master class extended and mastered with rigor, as intense as dark, who knows how to move to Another dimension with exquisite ease. Stay tuned!

On Beatport: https://bit.ly/33LEpla


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