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V/A – Tender Heat From The Lagoon (Remixes) (2020)


TENDER HEART FROM THE LAGOON’s original album was released in June, in a 12 “vinyl edition of just 150 copies, distributed by Rubadub. Turenne collected tracks from his past and present, combining them into a spatial mix of samples that bounce between. Deep House and Power House with a track by Ambient.

Now, the remix edition is presented in digital format only, with two remixed bonus tracks. Artists of the stature of DJ CORDLESS, DJ TELEPASS, SAUNA, ANTHONY BROOKLYN, SAM RUFFILLO, DJ ROU, DJ OCTOPUS, MARKENO, QUASAR, NOBEL, NO SKOPE, offer us a series of themes that converge, as a philosophical essay, until combine an album as experimental as it is intense and addictive, condensing two ideas that it seemed we were no longer going to recover: future and permanence.

Each track resonates from the depths, and manages to enter a unique and very personal sonic cosmos, encompassing a wide range of sonic textures that will make our speakers roar. The album is atmospheric, full of bright nuances and sounds. Its intense remixes will help the body travel until lost in the immensity of sounds. We could say that this is a soundtrack as captivating as it is elegant, with the perfect amount of substance, presented in a powerful style that ranges from classic to innovative.

With unique and hypnotic sounds, where in all the themes they manage to cover everything, from spatial soundscapes, sweaty basements after hours of travel to fascinating melodies that burn and slide to infinity.

We don’t know what the future holds, but we do know that this album is testimony to a turbulent and uncertain present that will remain in our memory forever.

Music Produced by TURENNE.



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