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Exclusive Interview with La Mverte (Her Majesty’s Ship) (2014)


Exclusive Interview with French producer La Mverte, next week will release his debut EP in the prestigious French label of Her Majesty’s Ship, one of the producers that most are calling attention lately, creativity and quality come together in this talented producer , with we had a very interesting interview ….

CLG In a short time La Mverte has been able to acquire much support from artists and labels around the world. How did you decide to start this project?

La MverteI actually started my solo project La Mverte when my former one – named Anteros & Thanaton – ended. We created this duet with my friend Nicola with the first aim to organize our own parties, Retrograde. At this time, it was mainly around disco and disco-not-disco, to quickly sum it up. We ran it for a couple of years, throwing great parties over Paris and inviting DJs and producers we liked to share the decks with us, from the likes of Dirty Sound System, Alexis le Tan, Ben Rymer of Disco Bloodbath, Krikor, Speculator… to DJ Harvey. It was a great time, it made me learn a lot as well as gather great memories. It also made me realize when it ended that i’d have to continue by myself, because i simply needed it. This is the point at which I got he solo project up and running.

CLGAs La Mverte you been working and collaboration with producers such as Capablanca, Philipp Gorbachev, Acid Washed… How do you feel working and collaborating with other artists? Any upcoming collab soon?

La Mverte I feel good ! No i mean, collaborations are naturally different each time, but it’s a pleasure when you find people it’s simple to work with. And luckily for me, it’s been the case. It’s interesting and refreshing to change from your personal and daily routine, it makes you learn in different ways, different things. It’s surely a bit of a cliché, but collaborations are not just about music, they are also about human relationships. So it’s the whole package you get with collaborating, not just the final track or EP or whatever. It is like this for me, at least. For the future, let’s see what happens, i’m pretty sure you’ll be aware of it soon enough.

CLGYou’ve remixed Yan Wagner, Miss Kittin, David Shaw, How do you face this work? What is the process to develop your work as remixer?

La MverteUntil today, i have been luckily enough to be inspired by the tracks i was asked to remix. So it was not a major situation to sit in front of the track and decide which way to go. To me, the basic principle of a remix is to start from the original track and bring it into your own universe. After that, there are more or less no rules. Still, it’s a bit more of a challenge when you keep more of the parts or themes from the original one, but it is what makes it fun and interesting to do. I’m not fond of remixes that could be (and sometimes are) former sketches that are recycled for finishing fast. On a personal side, i make it unique each time.

CLGWhom would you like to remix, to remix one of your tracks, or to collab with?

La MverteThis could change tomorrow of course. It could change everyday. It would be a great pleasure and honor to remix Chris & Cosey – Dr John (Sleeping Stephen). The album this track is taken from is one of my favorites from them. It would be a great pleasure and honor to be remixed by them too. Even more to collaborate with them.

CLGForthcoming to be out, your debut EP in the french label Her Majesty’s Ship, How you’ll define your music? And this EP?

La MverteIt is, of course, a tricky question. I have so many different influences that melt in me that the render is a bit complicated to define. I could point different things each time i listen to the tracks. I’m pretty sure it will be labeled Indie Dance or Nu-Disco on the major stores though. To me, it’s more about electronic music with a bunch of flavors, from synthwave to italo through acid and, let’s say, leftfield.

CLGWhich gear do you use? Analog? Digital?

La MverteMy basic set up is composed of a Roland SH-101, a Roland TR-707, a MFB Nanozwerg, a midi keyboard and some effects pedals. So i guess it’s mostly analog, but digitally processed. Most of the rhythms are made either on the drum machine or the computer though. But i very rarely use VSTs. Most of the time, i use the computer to record, process the sound and that’s it.

CLGThe French scene is currently living a great vivid and creative moment, tons of great labels and producers, How does all this seems from France Itself?

La MverteIt is true that things are getting better here. Maybe it goes with the trend of people coming back to the physical records? It is not a miracle that tons of producers are emerging. The tools have been democratized (you can crack Live in 2 min and buy a keyboard for 50€), and if everyone can be a DJ today, everyone can be a producer too. But like for the DJs, who really have to narrow their selection and dig lost gems to remain interesting, the producers really have to make some efforts to offer a music with a real spirit, not just fillers for helping getting bookings. For example, my friend Quentin ” Zaltan ” Vandewalle’s label Antinote has been very well exposed, and for the good reasons that the music he releases is great, original and full of a unique identity. It’d may be true that now french people from the new generations have the guts to jump over the cliché that points France as a literature country and not a music one. Even if i’d not say ” tons “, it is true that some of them are taking off, and it’s a good thing for everyone. Last but not least, no need to tell you to get ready for what’s coming on Her Majesty’s Ship. It already looks like 2014 will be a year to remember (and i’m not speaking for myself).

CLGDo you plan any live act format?

La MverteYes i do! I’m not fixed yet, but i’m thinking at the moment how to adapt the tracks about to be released live as well as some others that i have in my vault. I think i’m pretty much on the way for a first set up, but it will be of course forged by the practice as well as the stage in itself.

CLGWhich producers are currently calling your attention?

La MverteI’m pretty sure 2014 will be an exciting year. As i DJ too, i’ll follow for sure TONS of different projects, but it will include for sure Cardini & Shaw, Yan Wagner, S.R. Krebs (whose album to be released on HMS looks super exciting), Capablanca, Marc Piñol, Demian, CVLT, Mijo (aka La Royale), Moscoman, Red Axes and their coming album, as well as many many more or less known producers and labels. There are too many of them to be all noted here.

A lot Of Thanks to La Mverte, Her Majesty’s Ship, Julian, Julian Shay (Dispersion PR)


Como Las Grecas Team.


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