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Exclusive Mix For “Como Las Grecas” – Katzele vs Moscoman vs Local Suicide (2013)


Often artists show us that music is a part of their personality and their entire being. They don’t do things, just for the sake of doing them, they just deliver music material as a gift, like this exclusive mix that the guys from Berlin gave us. These guys ain’t no others but Brax Moody & Vamparela aka Local Suicide, Katzele and Moscoman. I´m Cliché, Discos Capablanca, Domino and Mute are their homes. The session lasts a lit longer than 2 hours and is vibrating with energy. Tracks like Oui Je Theme de Mr Alexander Robotnick, “Dime K C Siente” de Los Mekanikos, “Cadenza” de Kid Who, “The Nights” de Alien Alien, el Remix de Fabrizzio Mammarella “G Funk 3000? or “Nuclear Baby” de Gazeebo are some of the references that appear in the mix and make the walls of my studio shake…simply fantastic.

Contributors from across the continent bring their Local perspectives on music, culture, art and entertainment to the worldwide dancefloor. Join the uprising at www.localsuicide.com.

All approved tracks & mixes posted in this group will appear on our blog! Feel free to share your stuff!
Looking forward to listen to it.

Chen “Moscoman” Moscovici was just a teenager in 2000, Tel Aviv’s clubbing summer of love. He decided to become a DJ after seeing a few superstar DJs doing their thing at the big parties held at the time so he signed up to a DJ course in Tel Aviv’s DJ school (now known as Muzik). He finished at the top of his class and was offered to participate in an advanced class with a select group of other outstanding students, later he was also an instructor at the school. alongside all that he started getting his chops, at first playing at small events, representing the school at the Tel Aviv Love Parade in 2000 and also working on his one music and edits.

After a few years collecting music Moscoman became a familiar face in the local club and bar scene. with regular gigs at all the bars and clubs in tel aviv as well as loft parties and other underground delights.
now working on his first release Moscoman is defining as an aspiring house and downtempop producer.


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