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Fab Mayday – Stasera Che Sera [Italo Italians Records] (2014)


The Record Store Day with the passage of time has become a real feast and celebration for music lovers and vinyl collectors with a home in England, currently celebrated in various countries on April 19, from Italy with the label of Italo Italians, run by Dj and producer Fab Mayday presents for that day an incredible 12″ limited to 175 copies for MusicaMusica on Perugia, 2 amazing tracks and 2 amazing remixes, opening it with the track ‘Stasera Che Sera’ a track full of delicious details and fused with electronic elements and guitar and other instruments, powerful bassline and slow and dark rhythms, the other track, ‘Carcosa’, a softer track, but much more hypnotic, and closer to techno sounds, another great track, and to complete the 12″ with 2 remixes for ‘Che Strasera Sera’, the first of which, as a whole is the great producer Scott Fraser and his wonderful ‘Profondo Rosso Remix’ over 9 magic minutes, a cosmic trip through distant galaxies, full of details along the track and rhythms unstoppable, killer remix; and secondly by Brunito, with vocal loops and choppy rhythms that transform the track keeping the magic of the original with more dirty sounds addings great elements on the remix, excellent two tracks , two excellent remixes.


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