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Fairmont – Close Your Mind EP [My Favorite Robot Records] (2015)


The master Canadian and resident in Barcelona of Jake Fairley aka Fairmont returns with a new EP, a new EP for the Canadian imprint of My Favorite Robot Records, a veteran artist, an artist with a solid musical career, with more than 15 years, since his debut in 2000 in the label of Dumb-Unit, and with several EPs and 2 albums for Dumb-Unit and Sender Records as Jake Fairley and participate in the Speicher series of prestigious imprint od Kompakt with 3 references, and since 2001 using his other alias of Fairmont, an alias that debuted for the German label of Traum Schallplatten where published an album, then move to form part of the Border Community (James Holden) with the release of his second album in 2007, and in 2012 become part of Canadian imprint of My Favorite Robot Records, label where he published his latest album, and in the middle, EPs for Areal Records or Beachcoma Recordings (a label which he founded together with Metope and Sid Le Rock), and now returns to the Canadian imprint with a new EP, 3 new compositions of this master of techno, the use of analog, an artist that in his live shows always presented in live format, a live shows with his analog machines, drum machines, samplers, and other electronic toys, a philosophy far from the simple computer, a philosophy which is his form of composing, explain his music, raw, hypnotic, musical feeling, so come these 3 new tracks, 3 cuts sung by Fairmont, 3 cuts in his constant evolution, Fairmont in his purest form.

This new release from Fairmont to the Canadian imprint of My Favorite Robot Records opens with ‘Still’ and more than 6 minutes of dark melodies, with the voice of Jake singing on key downbeat, melancholy voices that accompany the turbulent melodies, reverberations, all with a slow combustion and melodies that hypnotize us and trap our minds, that make us daydream to fly with our imagination.

With the second cut of ‘Close Your Mind’, Fairmont ups the tempo of the track, takes us to a pace closer to the dance floor, more to enjoy flying in the center of the dance floor, throwing more light and optimism, bright melodies that illuminate the dancefloor, again Jake singing the song, and a remarkable progression and development, synthesizers with reverbs, electronic beats, a delight of track.

And finally, with ‘Neolith’ Fairmont redisplays a cut with a slow tempo, more rhythmic and hypnotic, dynamic progression, with synthesizers that describe those melodies which are directly addressed to our minds, to grab them and join us for a new trip, a new flight, with a more ethnic touches and mysterious voices, magical track.

Fairmont – Close Your Mind EP [My Favorite Robot Records MFR132] (30 October, 2015)
1 Fairmont – Still (Original Mix) 6:11
2 Fairmont – Close Your Mind (Original Mix) 6:31
3 Fairmont – Neolith (Original Mix) 5:59

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