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Fairmont – Lie to Me Remixes [My Favorite Robot Records] (2014)


In September of 2013, Canadian producer of Fairmont aka Jake Fairley published for the Canadian label My Favorite Robot Records his excellent ‘Lie To Me EP’ with 5 new compositions, and Monday, November 24, the same label will publish the continuation of the same in format of remixes, 5 remixes of 4 tracks from the original EP, 5 new remixes made by high quality producers, opening with the remix for ‘Boa’ carried out by the french producer of Chloé (Kill The DJ), keeping the magic of the original, takes more than 7 minutes remix, more dark, hypnotic and tense; the track of ‘Abysm’ the remix comes from the hand of Abstraxion aka Harold Boué (Biologic Records), a remix with more than 7 minutes of catchy hits that invite us to dance, and strange and curious sounds that give a touch of mystery; ‘The Most Beautiful Eyes In The World’ is responsible for the Dutch producer of Mattheis and lead us to lands with some more cinematic, melodic and almost atmospheric, a beautiful remix; and the track ‘Lie To Me’, is presented with 2 remixes, first from Canada with My Favorite Robot and a melodic, magical remix, more than 6 minutes that lead us to fly very far while delicious music accompanies us, and finally, the producers John Digweed & Nick Muir (Bedrock), returning the favor of the excellent remix that Fairmont signed for the duo recently in Bedrock, now lead us to a more progressive journey, over 8 minutes of hypnosis and mental trance. 5 excellent remixes to the great producer of Fairmont.

Fairmont – Lie to Me Remixes [My Favorite Robot Records MFR113] (24 November, 2014)
01. Fairmont – Boa (Chloé Remix) 7:20
02. Fairmont – Abysm (Abstraxion Remix) 7:27
03. Fairmont – The Most Beautiful Eyes In The World (Mattheis Remix) 5:19
04. Fairmont – Lie To Me (My Favorite Robot Remix) 6:32
05. Fairmont – Lie To Me (John Digweed & Nick Muir Remix) 8:23

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