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Felix Laband – Deaf Safari (LP) [Compost Records] (2015)


The artist from Johannesburg of Felix Laband finally breaks his record silence to deliver his fourth album, the second on the Munich imprint of Compost Records, an artist that debuted in 2001 on the imprint from South Africa of African Dope Records with his album ‘Thin Shoes In June’, and the following year with ‘4/4 Down The Stairs’, 2 albums which gave him internationally known with the fusion of rhythms of jazzy, balearic, downtempo and African sounds, a recognition that led him to sign for the German label of Compost Records, a signing that resulted in the album ‘Dark Days Exit’ in 2005 and later published an EP of remixes with Todd Terje Markus Wormstorm and Sibot. And now, 10 years after that last album, arrive ‘Deaf Safari’, his fourth album (second in Compost Records), an album in which Felix Laband has invested 3 years to complete it, an album in which this artist continues his evolution, his experimentation, his research both by the current electronic sounds, such as recover his roots, his origins, an album that pays tribute to the Kwaito, a musical style emerged in the early 1990s in Johannesburg that combined sounds of the house music with African sounds, with a tempo normally slow, vocals sung by African artists and traditional percussions, so in this way this new album of Felix Laband is presented as a collage of sounds and samples, fused electronic music with sound samples taken by Felix from TV or recorded by the same Felix, sounds that we found from the sounds of nature animals, traditional songs, African preachers, voices of gospel, all merged with an electronic rhythms, downtempo, deep house, balearic, ambient; with a very meticulous production carried out up to the smallest detail, an album in which Felix Laband takes care of everything, touch, producing, writing, even the design of the artwork of the album.

‘Deaf Safari’ from Felix Laband is composed of 9 tracks, compositions in which Felix reflects the environment in which lives, which wants to give an environment socio-political about South Africa, compositions which for the most part, 5 of the 9 cuts are of a duration exceeding 9 minutes, some long developments in which Felix mixes and merges in a beautiful way these field recordings with electronics that he create, a dialogues and discourses between tradition and modernity, the old and the new, transmitting emotions, feelings, some emotions that are transmitted in an excellent shape and they take over the listener, who catch and spread those emotions and feelings. A highly recommended album.

Felix Laband – Deaf Safari (LP) [Compost Records CPT470-2] (29 May, 2015)
1 The Savage Bush Hotel (Original Mix) 6:25
2 I’m So High, I Swear I Could… (Original Mix) 4:55
3 Ding Dong Thing (Original Mix) 11:58
4 Righteous Red Berets (Original Mix) 9:12
5 Squeeze The Trigger (Original Mix) 9:09
6 The Devil Threatens Me (Original Mix) 12:54
7 Down The Garden Path (Original Mix) 12:28
8 Getting Old (Original Mix) 5:04
9 Pietermaritzburg (Original Mix) 4:47

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