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Flash #1 [Rock to the Beat Records] (2015)


Founded in 2011 and from the french city of Montpellier, born Rock To The Beat Records for the showcase and distribution of new artists, so the label debuted in 2012, label which is currently run by Noar Wald, Steve Ekman and Markus GIBB, and over the past 3 years have been 20 references, in which references to part of the 3 managers of the label have passed artists as Rafael Cerato Cosmic Boys, Squarewave, Ritmo Oculto, Mondowski, Lordatak or Duncan Gray, as well as other guest artists to perform the remixes on the EPs, and now with the arrival of the 21 reference on the label, from Rock To Beat Records presents a new series of compiled on the label, the first compiled on the label, under the name of ‘Flash #1’, the label presents 7 exclusive cuts from 9 artists, a few artists who have published in the label and other news, and as always in the label with a commitment to new talents, by new talents with an orientation towards the Dark Disco, Techno, and influenced by the EBM among other classic styles.

‘Flash #1’ on Rock To The Beat Records opens with the mysterious producer that debuted in the label earlier this year. Ritmo Oculto, who presents ‘Mistli’, a track full of darkness and mystery, synthesizers that released lasers of colors over of a more industrial percussions, with industrialized, extraterrestrial sounds with a rough, forceful and overwhelming pace.

The second cut of the compilation comes signed by Noar Wald, who from 2013, not publishing a new material, and here presents the hypnotic ‘Menz’, which leads to a strange cosmic trip, full of mystery, like those strange voices that accompany the cut, mechanized sounds, and a hypnotic, dark and abrasive rhythm.

The first collaboration of the compiled arrives with the mexican artists of Iñígo Vontier and Lokier (resident in Barcelona) that sign ‘Hard To Be’, another dark cut, with a slow tempo, steady, the analogs throwing it crude sounds, menacing sounds on a dark night, with much mist and terror.

Another French producer and manager of label, Markus Gibb, who just published a new EP for the label of Kill Your Dj in the new series called Lumiere Noir, presents his ‘Etreinte’, with rhythms more techno, dark, hypnotic sounds, metallic percussions and a development of more than 8 minutes with a great bassline addressing to the track.

Without a doubt, one of the artists of the moment, the British artist of Timothy Clerkin, half of the brilliant duo of Eskimo Twins, and his solo project of Heretic returns to demonstrate his quality with ‘For Whom The Cowbell Tolls’, a cut to put the hypnotism over dance floor, and inside this hypnotism to make the crowd fly to another planets in other galaxies, with a brutal development, a crescendo that leads to the ecstasy, a cut full of energy to enjoy this trip of 7 minutes, with a few crescendos throwing us to jump, fly away, killer track.

From Bordeaux, the producer of Mondowski aka Baptist Mondowski, who at the end of 2014 signed an EP for the label, now presents the enigmatic ‘Delusional Disorder’, forceful and full voltage, a voltage that increases on a dark night post-apocalyptic, industrial warehouses abandoned on a rainy night in which the hypnotic sounds that it get caught us and captivate us.

And finally, a new collaboration, from Brazil with Vitor Munhoz and Felipe Santini presenting ‘Devas’, techno, forceful sound, with a development in which cut go to crazy, screams and shows it wild side, to continue with a devilish and energetic pace.

VA – Flash #1 [Rock to the Beat Records RTTB021] (15 December, 2015)
1 Ritmo Culto – Mistli (Original Mix) 05:41
2 Noar Wald – Menz (Original Mix) 05:41
3 Inigo Vontier & Lokier – Hard To Be (Original Mix) 06:38
4 Markus GIBB – Etreinte (Original Mix) 08:16
5 Heretic – For Whom The Cowbell Tolls (Original Mix) 07:02
6 Mondowski – Delusional Disorder (Original Mix) 07:00
7 Vitor Munhoz & Felipe Santini (Original Mix) 06:11

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