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Florian Meindl feat. Jukka Reverberi – Pictures [FLASH Recordings] (2012)


Florian Meindl is an Austrian-born young, with only 26 years, has already reside in Berlin and London to expand his musical knowledge, and with Oliver Koletzki runs the label FLASH Recordings, where he has published much material itself, the past month of June released its album ‘Waves’, 12 tracks of Techno / Tech-House, including two collaborations, one with Detachments (which closed the album) and other with Italian voices Jukka Reverberi (Davanti and the half Crimea X with DJ Rocca, the track that opened the album), and the EP is now published on this track, ‘Pictures’, a track og Techno-House, dark, with that deep voice of the Italian, and the EP comes with the Culb version of the track. one version for the dance floor, and a remix from Portugal producer of Himan, with a more progressive-house, and to close the EP the Crimea X remix (Dj Rocca & Jukka Reverberi) who are preparing their second and anticipated album, and a remix here bring something different to the style of the duo, more electronics, but keeping that point of cosmic duet, great remix.

Florian Meindl feat. Jukka Reverberi – Pictures [FLASH Recordings FLASH060] (2012-10-15) Buy @ Beatport
1 Pictures (Florian Meindl Club Mix) 7:35
2 Pictures (Himan’s Frame Work Remix) 6:58
3 Pictures (Crimea X Remix) 7:54


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