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Premiere: FLXXX – Mayo Kayer [Play Pal Music](2016)


After his brief and intense stage on Nein Records,, the Mexican duo FLXXX, formed by young producers Ands Mega and Alfredo Montessori, return for debuting a big way at Play Pal Music, one of the national labels that is more committed to the electronic quality. Throughout their career, FLXXX has combined hypnotic atmospheres and blunt rhythms as no one. Their tracks are cooked with very few sonic elements, subtracting any gratuitous to stay only with exclusively necessary.

This has been proven by their works “Puck 1985” and “Mashin Dynamic“. But their latest EP: “Mayo Kayer” is closer to their original musical concept, where the groove grows in importance and becomes in the main axis. This work, more modern, sober and intense than previous ones, with an eye on the dance floor, is composed of three original tracks and three remixes each of them by current major producers. “Mayo Kayer” is the original theme that opens this EP, and it does so from a clean and catchy synth, from down low, with pronounced and enveloping bass, ideal for any moment of day. It is followed by “Dolores”, a cosmic, hypnotic and soft trip, with psychedelic touches and eighties synths. “Mayan Ghost,” the theme that closes the originals, is a bestial and apocalyptic crossroads between percussions and synthesizers which are capable of generating a dark journey of raw sounds and acid tunes as these guys seldom have shown. As for the remixes, we found the Irish duo of worship: Future Bones, for “Mayo Kayer” following their characteristic wake of slow and steady tempo, with spacy synths and sharp guitars, which are able to catapult us to faraway universes.

This is followed by the magical remix of “Dolores” by British Kieran Holden, a member of Upstairs Downstairs, group of Djs, which adds a touch more dubby and psychotropic, slow-burning. Finally, the also British Tronik Youth, owner of Nein Records label , closes the EP with a funny remix to “Mayan Ghost” more trippy and hypnotic than the original, with pulsating synthesizers, spiral sounds and attractive bassline . We have no doubt that “Mayo Kayer” is to rise to the occasion. The Quality control of Play Pal Music, as we know, is unwavering and uncompromising.


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