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Fort Romeau – Secrets & Lies EP [Live At Robert Johnson] (2016)


The trajectory of the young British artist of Fort Romeau aka Michael Greene is unstoppable, in 2012 he published his debut album of ‘Kingdoms’ for the imprint of 100% Silk, and quickly signed for the prestigious label of Ghostly International, publishing 2 EPs and his second album of ‘Insides’ in 2015 for the same label and other 2 EPs for the sister label of Spectral Sound, as well as publish EPs for prestigious labels as Live At Robert Johnson, Running Back or Cin Cin, or last year with a 12″ with edits to Peter Gabriel songs, signed as F.T.R.M. on PGdance, and now returning to the imprint from Frankfurt of Live At Robert Johnson where in 2014 published his ‘Her Dream EP’, and now his second EP for the label, ‘Secrets & Lies EP’ , a new Ep in which Fort Romeau presents 3 new compositions with that mixture of sounds disco, house, synth-pop, with a very neat production, a production to the minimum detail.

Opening this second EP by Fort Romeau on Live At Robert Johnson with ‘Facing the Sea’, the most danceable cut from this EP, with a more high tempo on the release, with a sinuous melodies of dreamy, magical and gentle melodies that unfold like the waves of the sea, in constant motion and causing a hypnotic gaze.

In the second cut of ‘Seventyfour’ from Fort Romeau, he shows us a more delicate composition, with more slower tempo, soft, a cut full of mystery and beauty, with synths creating these darker atmospheres, melancholy seizes the composition to take the mind of the listener to imaginary paradises.

Finally, ‘Secrets & Lies’, the cut more epic from this new EP by Fort Romeau, almost 10 minutes of warm melodies, sounds closer to the House, where musical layers are incorporating and developing with great skill and quality throughout the development of the tracak, incorporating even a few acid lines, a cut constructed from a sample of dialogue from Dirty Dancing where Fort Romeau gives free rein to his creativity.

Fort Romeau – Secrets & Lies EP [Live At Robert Johnson PLAYRJC039] (15 January, 2016)
1 Fort Romeau – Facing the Sea (Original Mix) 6:34
2 Fort Romeau – Seventyfour (Original Mix) 5:24
3 Fort Romeau – Secrets & Lies (Original Mix) 9:37

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