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Francis Juno “I guess that depends on the definition of electronic music. Is Hip Hop ‘electronic music’?”


Switzerland producer Francis Juno has just released his latest work through the Spanish label Mystic & Quantum titled Further Adjustements. We take the opportunity to ask you a few questions about it and get to know you a little better.

When and how did you become interested in electronic music?

I guess that depends on the definition of „electronic music“. Is Hip Hop „electronic music“?

I mean, they used drum machines, samplers and synths. If so, that’s probably where it started for me. During the early- to mid-90s my brother started to bring more and more Hip Hop to our attention.  He has always been a big musical influence on me and we grew pretty similar tastes in music. 

In the mid- to late-90s the former German music-TV channel, Viva zwei, then opened our minds to a broader spectrum of „electronic music“. Since we grew up in a small town, TV was our door to the world. Once we heard of Squarepusher and Aphex Twin, something in our brains got triggered.

How do you rate the career you’ve had and what were the reasons that led you to start?

I really don’t recall having had a career, did I..?.? I mean I was never even close to the point where I could have lived off of my music. Especially not with Francis Juno. I really don’t think many people are interested in that kind of music.

With Echo 106 it was a bit different. That darker, more dance floor oriented style definitely attracted a bigger audience. Or the tracks were better than my solo stuff 🙂

 There wasn’t really a particular reason to start making „electronic music“. It was just an interest we pursued.

But it certainly became a motivation to maybe one day have a record with your own tracks on it, you might be able to play in a DJ set.

How did you spend your time in the first quarantine and what will you do if they confine us again?

My life didn’t change too much during the „first “lockdown. Of course, part of me was hoping to be told to stay home from work, so I could finally finish some tracks I wanted to work on for ages. But I wasn’t. So I had to work most of the time.

If they confine us again it will probably be the same again.

What was the thinking behind making “Further Adjustments”?

With „Further Adjustments“ the focus to me certainly wasn’t on the song writing. But on the setup and the production process.

As I didn’t have the equipment available that I used on Platform Romance, I gathered new pieces of gear, changed the DAW and then tried to get a feeling of that new setup. Once I’ve done a bunch of tracks with it, I picked out my favorite ones and sent them to Victor from Mystic & Quantum to see if he’d be interested in releasing any of them. Luckily he was. It then took me some more months to finish the tracks to a point where I was more or less happy with the result.

What performance would you recommend us, of which you are most proud, so that we can watch on Soundcloud or YouTube?

If by performance you mean live performance, I only ever once played live as Francis Juno. The recording of that isn’t available online, and probably never will be, for good reasons.

But you can watch the videoclip I did for one of my new tracks: 

Or you can listen to some of my older tracks. I still like these two a lot:

– Ammonium Shuffle

– Ballade 101

And finally, what could you tell us about your present and future projects?

At the moment I am trying to finish some old tracks that should become an EP for a label of a good friend.

The EP will mainly consist of recordings from around 2012. They could be seen as B-Sides from Platform Romance. So far no one else wanted to release them. So I’m very lucky that they finally found a home and I can close that chapter. Besides that there’s nothing in the pipeline.


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