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Francisco – Lineabeat Vol. 2 [Slow Motion Records] (2015)


The veteran Italian producer of Francisco aka Francesco de Bellis, over more than 10 years has left traces of his love for sounds disco, in all of the varieties, in a large number of record labels, coming in 2011 to the respected label specializing in this kind of sounds of Slow Motion Records with his ‘Wizard EP’ and repeat on the label in 2013 with ‘Nero EP’, and this last month of March with the single ‘Notte Horror’, and in 2014 began to label a series called ‘Lineabeat’, a series of EPs with the idea of recovering retro sounds with the dancefloor-oriented, taking as a basis the sounds Disco, Cosmic, Italo, in the first installment of this series, with 2 brilliant cuts, one of them in collaboration with Cosmo, and now the Slow Motion Records has just published ‘Lineabeat Vol. 2’ with Francisco, and again with 2 new compositions of this brilliant composer, with the flavour of the classic sound of disco, italo, vintage sound with futuristic idea.

‘Lineabeat Vol. 2’ by Francisco in Slow Motion Records opens with 8 minutes of ‘Beat Line’, with a reminder to the disco sound, New Beat, with the analogue synthesizers by launching lasers at a fast pace, a few fun percussion with tropical touches, a strong and powerful bassline and a few small vocal samples to the purest Italian style, all with that frenetic pace that Francisco prints, amazing composition.

In the second original cut called ‘Giuno’, Francisco brings a composition of more than 9 minutes in which prints some more cosmic atmospheres with a bassline with a touch more funk, killer bass and great percussions, with melodies that grow as it will advance the cut to go to describing these atmospheres more italo and cosmic, epic track. Another wonder of this excellent producer.

Francisco – Lineabeat Vol. 2 [Slow Motion Records SLOMO 020] (17 September, 2015)
Side 1
1. Francisco – Beat Line (Original Mix) 7:54
Side 2
1. Francisco – Giuno (Original Mix) 9:27

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