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Franz Scala – Discoteca Paradiso [Bordello A Parigi] (2016)


Those who play with vinyl are in luck, the Holland label Bordello A Parigi, (Otto Kraanen) has new 12 “Edition limited under the arm, with its clear idea music, betting on sounds disco, italo and electro of quality, on this occasion brings us to one of the producers with more charisma and personality, either because of their limited but well selected , or by directing one of the most respected labels in the scene, as it is Slow Motion Records. Mr Scala natural Pescara, but living as many other colleagues in Berlin, appears for the first time outside his label, to show his good form in which it is located.

The first cut of name “Discoteca Paradiso”, is a small Ode to sound more 80´s within the new instrumental beat and italo, containing all the requirements to be another jewel more within the Dutch stamp catalogue. A bass line pulled out of the very bottom of the wardrobe, where jackets with elbow patches were “the most” rumbles during all the track carrying the weight and the direction of the boat, while the crew members add small touches of elegant synths from a DX7, cool’s theme, with a sonidazo that only these people are unable to take.

Following the line marked by the era in which Jellybean Benitez was the guy for a superfamosa future, nobre cut “Gun theory” is another piece more acid, playful and daring in the experiment of how is the scoreline. With a few drums of vertigo, where the well selected toms attached to small sounds of triangle in key disk get mislead you to take you to the part more club sounds more direct to the center of the dance floor. The theme perfectly combines the most triposos moments within the analog sound and vintage, with a rhythm of unstoppable, ideal to take us to other galaxies and delight us with another piece of slow disk bestial.

The last cut to close the Ep follows the reflections of the lazers as his title “Rifessi”, where the journey continues by the planets discovered by the young Skywalker. The style of this producer is settled once more, thanks to the question- and -answer games made with the sampling of the akai to as Liebrand in their Extended mix, gurgling sounds vintages merged with arpeggio of the ride until dawn, assume the main role giving way to the pads on key FM, to teach us that there is light out of this tunnel full of re edits posthumous and dull.

Three cuts of a superb quality, signed by Franz Scala a.k.a. Franz Underwear where the elegant sound of the 80´s lasts without losing the clear objective of making dance.


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