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Fred Und Luna – Gluck Auf EP [Optimo Music] (2016)


Past Friday 17th June,Another fantabulous reference of the label of Glasgow Optimo Music Optimo Music (Boot & Tax, The Twins…) A label that stands out for its distinctive sound eclecticism giving birth to styles like disco, electro, indie, post-punk and so on. Moreover, they try to disassociate themselves from the labels precisely because of their love for this art, music. It’s nice to see labels that support the local scene as they do and showing curiosity and concern in this music-loving crowds there today. In this new installment, Optimo offers music by the German Rainer Buchmüller who hides behind Fred Und Luna, a curious and bizarre project focused on what he defined as “Elektrokraut” (Kraut music with electronic elements) or “Krautelektro” ( Elektro kraut music with elements). In any case, the order of the words does not alter the product. And what is clear is that we are talking about a country like Germany, where musical creativity is in every corner garnering beautiful sound examples like this, “Gluck Auf”, his first physical reference and debut with the label of Glasgow.an EP that will come with 4 courts in 12 “format with his corresponding digital download and will be distributed through the flagship label Kompakt. Another curious fact is the mastering, which was conducted by James Savage, also of Glasgow and makes its first steps in music Naum Gabo (Correspondant, Kompakt, Dissident …)


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