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Gameboyz – Mucho Danger Single [Melómana Records] (2016)


There have been many remixes, original tracks and EPs, which the tro of Badajoz Gameboyz have left along the way to begin defining their own sound. Mucho Danger, the single from their first LP, is also the consolidation of a long journey that have run away from a primal slow-disco line and that approached them another form of techno. But also as bestial meeting point for those who enjoy joining different genres under the directions of somebody virtuous of the dance. The production level of these guys is slow but instead the care of sounds that they launch are up of those who make things because they want to and over time they really need. This is the reason that when you carefully approach it , you get caught up by the halo that it breaks off: unusual, singular and here comes the best, powerful, magnetic and danceable. Beats that mark without charge us an old school touch (authentic), somewhat eccentric synthesizers and a rather cheerful and festive general tone. These are some of the adjectives that can get us sleeve if we describe the innovative proposal that these guys of Extremadura wanted to spread in his latest single: Mucho Danger. The tracks have strength and jump over conventions of disco or the prevailing techno, knowing how to circumvent the rawness and recurring darkness, looking for dancing but without predictable tricks within an understandable level of experimentation suitable for the track. The rich neatness of its production surprise when listen the three tracks. Every millisecond of the track “Mucho Danger” seems to have been calibrated with precision, humor, intensity and extreme cadence, and all the EP has a mastery of rhythm that only the born connoisseur is able to capture. The playful talent Gameboyz is able to make us feel things like that progressive track “17H” we find it familiar and new at the same time, or that evokes us a raver electronic childhood without getting lost in nostalgia, as the track “Back to acid “, which also highlights the origin of this trio of Badajoz.

To achieve simplicity and lucidity, paradoxically, they require experience and ability to know freedom from the constraints limiting. Do as the Gameboyz, let’s leave it all behind while dancing.


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