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Gemini Brothers – Thesalli Noir EP [Skint Rec] (2017)


The Gemini Brothers  (Ionut & Razvan) again show their cards to make us dance and sweat on the dance floor again. With appearances on seals of the stature of Nein, Ticitaci or Night Noise, the Romanian-born duo are ready to release a new EP, titled Thessali Noir, its first through Skint Records. The vocalist Shahin Badar, who participated putting them vocal of the acclaimed track “Smack My dog Up”, leaves a good imprint of the class in the track that gives title to the Ep, as well as remixes of Deadstock 33 and artist French FLVN, whose remix is available as a bonus in the version digital.

He first cut is a brilliant production, that sends balls out on on that fashion slow-mo without sense, where the minimalism and the simplicity creative, haunt tired to the personal. A dark and gloomy, track where the essence of the roots of these brothers are reflected in all the progression of the subject. If to this we add the large members of Mr Badar, this creates a round track, with great essence. The other two originals that we delehitan the Romanians are pure energy. The first name “Say it”, is a perfect symbiosis between rhythm with an unstoppable groove box and the sound out of the movies from the Adams, in more than 8 minutes, and with an unstoppable progression, together with the vocal so cool at the time of the drop. A killer track on the dance floor. The other original of name “Experienced”, continues the line psychedelic that both characterized to these producers, with a rhythm much more slow, that chuggin disc that both like by land English.

The pack is accompanied by great Justin Robertson a.k.a Deadstock 33 remix, English producer is responsible for creating a part on line more wild and sounds that seem to come out of a modular synthesizer, creating that wonderful sign of endless arpeggios and sounds of analog synthesizers, creating a chaotic piece of disc but with a feeling of control amazing.

Remix of FLVN, accompanying the EP as a bonustrack within the original, follows the sound clearly from this producer, its sound between apocalyptic and triposo is in charge of creating a perfect remix to close the Ep.



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