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go nogo – And The Devil Too [Emerald & Doreen Records EDR 039] (2014)


The project of go nogo (Markus ‘Fred ‘ Scholl & Eric Schemer) has a new single for the German label Emerald & Doreen Records (The Robot Scientist), out on 14 February, a delicious song called ‘& The Devil Too’ very Pop, with catchy melodies and smooth, with sharp guitars, and that peculiar and lovely singing voice, and to accompany the single, first with a cover of the track performed by Klangschwester that transform the track into a delicate and very soft song, almost almost like a lullaby, excellent captivates us and attracts female voice; and then the 3 remixes, from Hamburg with producer David Bucka, keeping the sound of guitars, transforming the sung and adding bases House, very soft parts; from Sweden, the producer of Copycat leads the track to sound more Italo Disco, transforming the track, keeping the original voices and these new elements added, to reach these delicious seven minutes; and from Mexico with Dead Sea Captains with a remix with dirty sounds, breaks and dark result.


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