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Golden Bug – Interview (2015)


The French producer of Golden Bug aka Antoine Harispuru, was one of the first interviewed on the blog, an interview we did for 4 years ago, until he founded La Belle Records, today publishes its new single, advancement which will be their second album, ‘V.I.C.T.O.R.’, an album scheduled for the end of the 2015.

CLGHi Antoine, well, tell us how you has been the 2014 and that as it presents this 2015!
In the past year your have worked with much of the scene more underground and of the highest quality. How has it been beneficial for you?

GB – 2014 was a very productive year, shared between my Studio, La Belle Office records in Paris and shows.
I spent much time working on my new LP. I did many tracks to then choose the top 10-12 to make the album has as much consistency. It was not easy because objectivity is lost quickly but I think that is cool now.
On the other hand we have worked at La Belle published releases from Claap!, In Flagranti, Herr Styler, Marc Piñol, etc…, and Chimaeras compilation with a selection of the best remixes we’ve got in the label from the beginning: Red Axes, Mike Simonetti, Gameboyz, Alien Alien, Get A Room!, Kasper Bjork, etc… I also made some edits for the Edit Service series of I’m A Cliche records.
This year 2015 we have several releases ready: my new Black Soul EP will be released in March, a new release of the French Claap!, a new release of Herr Styler, a new track of me with Julienne Dessagne (Saschienne) with a remix of Manfredas and in October will publish my LP, to be called V.I.C.T.O.R.

CLGYour facet as a Dj, you’ve left it or leave it a little side?

GB – I don’t leave my side of dj but it is true that lately I focus more on LP and didn’t want to go out each week. I love DJing, travel and I hope this year will be a year full of shows around the world.

CLGYou are from professionals in the sector who are betting on analogue? Or your current hardware is composed of virtual instruments and other digital tools. Tell us a little what you think about it. Do you have your own studio?

GB – I tried to make music with computer, but I was not anything good so I went back to my machine. I use the same material from a long time ago: I do the sequences with an MPC 2000XL, sampling with an EMU Ultra 6400, I use effects pedals and some keyboards such as the Juno 1 or Micro Korg.
I spend it better using machines because I like that there are errors and have surprises. I don’t care about the track of analog or digital.
There are people who make good music with a laptop and others that have all the study of Jean Michel Jarre available and making mediocre things so it’s more a question of ideas and tastes and not the tool that you use.

CLGTell us about your last, specifically the EP called “Black Soul” which is published today, is a very risky bet?. Of course they are 2 masterpieces from start to finish. Tell us a little how your production process.

GB – I usually start with a few samples that cut, paste, dirty, and then I’m putting layers and layers… I like also to invite people to collaborate in the tracks. In my next LP invite several friends to put their grain of sand: Moscoman made a guitar, Fabrizio Mammarella on keyboards, Julienne Dessagne of Saschienne singing at a track, Yann Wagner also, etc…

CLGTell us a little about your Live, is a new staging by Golden Bug?. Where can enjoy it soon.

GB – I made lives for several year with a laptop, a controller and some more machines and I spent it very well but it was visually very boring. I decided with my friends Soren and Tatiana from Barcelona Studio Desilence work in a new live to become the Golden Bug live a visual experience. We have worked with the architect Christian Leibenger and we have manufactured a crazy structure. We are now preparing the content of videos and mapping for all ready at the end of March.

CLGYour label, La Belle Records that focuses on artists as diverse as FK Club, In Flagranti, Rodion, or Gameboyz, stands out from most of the rest not only for their sound, if but also by their artworks made by you, which upcoming references we will find in this 2015? Are you going to remain true to your style? Sound evolution isn’t in your calendar?. Where are we going?

GB – The artworks of La Belle makes our Russian friend Eugène Soloviev which is a renowned in the world of the photo artist and we are delighted with what makes. With the subject of music, we would like much open doors taking different things but it is not easy to find producers who have something special. We have several releases ready for 2015 but we continue to look for things that will surprise us. We’d like a new release from In Fields, publish with Jupiter Lion for example and find things more pop not only music for DJ’ s.

CLGOn 28 March are invited to a new event of Danceteria (Dj Lui) along with Headman aka Robi Insinna at razzmatazz, how is it that night?

GB – The 28 will be a great night at home with two artists that I love so we are sure that we we will we have a very good time!

Golden Bug:

La Belle Records:

Saturday March 28 at Lolita (Razzmatazz), Barcelona

Interview by Kali

Thanks a lot to Golden Bug


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