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Golden Teacher – Party People / Love [Optimo Music OM 23] (2014)


The band from Glasgow of Golden Teacher (6 musicians) surprised last year with 2 excellent EPs for the prestigious label from Glasgow of Optimo Music (‘Bells From The Deep End’ [OM18] y ‘Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night’ [OM20]) with a brilliant fusion of electronic, Disco music, African percussion, acid, and a variety of instrumentation in order to make us dance and have a good time, and next Monday, on the same label, will release their third EP ‘Party People / Love’ with 3 new tracks and amazing tracks, 3 very different tracks each one, an EP that will also include a limited edition vinyl (500 copies), opening the same with more than 8 minutes of ‘Love’ with more electronic rhythms, touches of acid, a dark and mysterious voices and a high tempo to burn the dance floor, great track, madness; with ‘Party People’ the band offer a different version of Golden Teacher, some African percussion and rhythms and vocals that could well be signed by LCD Soundsystem, a killer track, 7 minutes of continuous party in continuous progression; and completing the EP with ‘Silver Chalice’, an instrumental track with African percussion and funk rhythms with excellent synths, a magic track.

Release 14 April, 2014

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