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Gueva – India [Night Noise] (2020)


Producer Gueva has been experimenting and playing at home for a long time, with a unique sound, as soft and relaxed as it is energetic and intense, with such unique and fresh nuances that they manage to shape unique pieces, as enjoyable in a club as at home.

“India”, released under the Night Noise label, is the summary of many days tinkering with exceptional machines, until we find a forceful, organic and meandering sound, which manages to filter through every pore of the skin until we are completely electrified. The album is a playful but coherent, intense, energetic collection of deep dreamy sound experiments. Far from following a clear line of progression, it plays with us on each note, until it hypnotizes us and moves us away to another galaxy for an instant.

Pay special attention to the contrast with the sound of Roliva, who brings the best of himself on this great track.

The result of this “India” by Gueva is very personal, and manages to unleash a feeling that is sometimes disconcerting, familiar and welcoming at the same time. A delight only suitable for music lovers.



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