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GusGus – Airwaves Remixe [Kompakt] (2014)


Recently the prestigious German label of Kompakt was associated with the music portal of Beatport for the realization of a competition of remixes for the track ‘Airwaves’ included in the last album of Icelandic formation of GusGus, and now the label published in EP format the result of the remix contest, a contest that received more than 500 remixes, an EP which included a bonus remix, commissioned by the label another young and new talent, Tsepo aka Jan van der Lugt, who is the remix that opens the EP, the debut from this producer from Amsterdam, a remix full of synths, nervousness and emotional, the winner of the contest was the Chilean producer of Mauricio Valenzuela that gives a touch of classic house, with new percussion; from Cologne, Marten Sundberg gives a remix of emotive techno, almost 9 minutes of musical delicacy, and finally, from Italy with Manent, with more than 8 minutes sounds more melodic and progressive.

GusGus – Airwaves Remixe [Kompakt KOMPAKTDIGITAL049] (2014-12-09) Buy @ Beatport
1 GusGus – Airwaves (Tsepo Mix) 6:48
2 GusGus – Airwaves (Marten Sundberg Mix) 8:56
3 GusGus – Airwaves (Mauricio Valenzuela Mix) 3:52
4 GusGus – Airwaves (Manent Mix) 8:20


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