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Hekr & Kov – Lunar Launch [Lunar Boogie] (2012)


From Canada has launched a new label, Lunar Boogie, behind which is PH Groove aka Peter Hecher (from the label Tonite Records) with Joey Kovacic, and together have been responsible for starting the label, with an other personal project, Hekr & Kov, and 4 tracks, 4 retro-futurism tracks with synths of sci-fi movie, starting the EP ‘Little Nova’ with synths, arpeggios, and that voice of breath, the track of starting the fly, a track between electro and Italo, to continue with ‘Magma Mobile’ that space travel, the voices of vocodeer, drum machines, and synths, robotic track to get ‘Cyclops Attack!’ all a great theme, ready to attack, and travel out again with ‘Saturn Voyage’, the more relaxed theme of all. An ideal album for all lovers of analog synthesizers and space sounds, cosmic, retro …… Great debut of this new label ….

Hekr & Kov – Lunar Launch [Lunar Boogie LB001] (2012-07-25) Buy @ Beatport
1 Little Nova 06:27
2 Magma Mobile 06:33
3 Cyclops Attack! 06:09
4 Saturn Voyage 06:33


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