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Hiem – Freaky Nights [Nang NANG114] (2014)


The British imprint of Nang for their new release brings a new pack of remixes for Sheffield duo Hiem (Bozzwell & Nicco Eastwood), the track that opened the debut album of the duo, ‘Freaky Night’ a track with that disco sound from Hiem, catchy synths and voices to make us dance; the first remix comes from the great Romanian brothers of The Gemini Brothers with ‘Twin Freaks edit’, slowing the tempo of the track, extending over 7 minutes, with a frenetic pace, Space-Disco for the dance floor, killer remix; Don Thompson aka DT, member of the collective Situation with a Dub remix with disco- funk rhythms; the British producer of Tim Paris with a remix of 8 minutes, dark, with retouched voices and a more electronic and completely transforming the sound of the track; from Russia, with Easy M with a disco remix with more cosmic synthesizers; the British collective Situation with his ‘Electro rework’ with synthesizers and a result with a very sound from 80s; the French producer of Darabi, opt for down tempo track, almost 8 minutes of dark and powerful remix with almost industrial sounds; and to complete the pack, from Barcelona with producer Fitzroy North and his remix ‘zesty squarewave version’ for the track ‘Lemons and Limes’, reducing the tempo of the original, and add 8-bit sounds, video games, and a retro sound.


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