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Himan & Temma-Teje – Cumberl & Spaceman EP [Release/Sustain Recordings RS023] (2014)


The London imprint of Release/Sustain Recordings for thir new EP presents a split EP with Himan and Temma-Teje, a track from each and a remix of each track, an EP now available on vinyl edition and the digital out on 18 April. Opening the EP with the newcomer of Temma-Teje (which recently appeared in the compilation of Cocoon) with the track ‘Potive’, a deep track, classic sounds of house, melodic and a female narrative voices, track that is accompanied by the remix of Tevo Howard, keeping the magic and smoothness of the original, adds analog components to bring it closer to the dance floor; on the other side, is the Portuguese producer Himan (Eduardo Tavares) with the track ‘In Your Mind’ with a track more closer to a Dub House, percussions and rhythms to the dance floor, accompanied by Basic Soul Unit (Stuart Li) remix completely transforming the track, with a new mean, more atmospheric and mysterious sense, denser.

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