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HMS Morris: ‘Myfyrwyr Rhyngwladol’ [Bubblewrap Collective]


Following the release of two pre-covid singles ‘Babanod’ and ‘Poetry’, HMS Morris are back with the third in the series, ‘Myfyrwyr Rhyngwladol‘ (Bubblewrap Collective), which translates as‘ International Students ’.

Impressive is the experience that HMS Morris has in music. Hailing from cosmopolitan Cardiff, City Road now make their debut with the single ‘Myfyrwyr Rhyngwladol’. Although HMS Morris has gone through several stages in its creative process, spanning a multitude of genres, in ‘Myfyrwyr Rhyngwladol’ it managed to display an evolved, refined and enhanced sound, which consolidates a career that is not without notable virtues. , presenting such unique and fresh nuances that they manage to shape unique pieces.

This single full of energy and vitality, results in a work as experimental as intense and addictive. The single takes over oneself like sweet poison, while transporting us progressively and boisterously, as few bands with determined fluidity are willing to do, condense two ideas that it seemed that we were not going to recover: future and permanence.

‘Myfyrwyr Rhyngwladol’ will be available to stream or buy digitally from all the usual platforms. The single will be released on September 16th.

Photo Credits: Heledd Mair Watkins
Artwork Credits: Mari Elin @Mari.Melin
Social Media Tags: @HMSMorris @Bubblewrapwales @Beastpruk


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