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Human Woman – Great Human Woman Remixes [hfn Music] (2012)


The Icelandic duo, resident in Copenhagen of Human Woman (Jón Atli aka Sexy Lazer & Gísli Galdur aka Galdur) published for the German label hfn Music his great debut album “Human Woman’ last May, on that album are gone extracting several EP with remixes, for the song ‘Delusional’ with remixes by Kasper Bjørke, Vincenzo, Gus Gus, Zev and Gladur, to the song ‘Love Games’ with the remixes of Captain Fufanu and Bix, and magic rework by Truffle Shuffle called Great Woman (Truffle Shuffle’s Papa Was A Trolling Stoner dub), incredible remix, and now has made ??a selection of all these remixes to create the album ‘Great Human Woman Remixes’, a total of 12 remixes (plus a bonus depending on where buy the album, includes 4 bonus remixes iTunes, Beatport and Juno 1 Bonus Remix, and Traxsource with 1 Bonus Instrumental), a highlight of the 19 remixes total, 2 unpublished, the magical remix for the song ‘Love Games’ by Captain Fufanu called Chill Out Mix, slowing the song to create a special atmosphere and the remix that created Strung Fellows for the song ‘It’s Gonna Hurt You’ with a touch of house that gives the track, to put it on the dance floor. A very good compilation of remixes of a great album.

Human Woman – Great Human Woman Remixes [hfn Music HFN 22] (26 Nov 12)
1 Love Games (Captain Fufanu dub) 05:56
2 Delusional (Kasper Bjorke dub) 06:06
3 Great Woman (Human Woman remix) 09:16
4 Delusional (Vincenzo remix) 06:32
5 Delusional (Gus Gus instrumental mix) 09:30
6 Love Games (Bix remix) 07:22
7 Great Woman (Truffle Shuffle’s Papa Was A Trolling Stoner dub) 07:02
8 Love Games (Captain Fufanu chill out mix) 05:09
9 Delusional (Galdur remix) 08:06
10 It’s Gonna Hurt You (Strung Fellows remix) 07:18
11 Great Woman (Gluteus Maximus remix) 07:34
12 Delusional (Zev’s Brooklyn Beatdown mix) 05:19
Juno Bonus: Delusional (Zev’s Dreamland mix) 05:14
Beatport Bonus: Love Games (Captain Fufanu Instrumental) 5:58


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