Home Review I-Robots presents Federico Gandin – Starchild (series) (2014)

I-Robots presents Federico Gandin – Starchild (series) [Opilec Music OPCM 12 044-1-2-3] (2014)


Italian producer of Federico Gandin returns to the label Opilec Music (I-Robots) where between 2010 and 2012 already published other 3 EPs and an album, and now does so with this series called ‘Starchild’ and composed of 3 Eps with 2 tracks each, with a Techno sound influenced from Detroit sound and spacy atmospheres, opening the EP-1 with ‘Back To Garden’ and its melodic 6 hypnotic minutes and some tropical percussion; the following track, ‘Alaska Once Again’, inspired by the track of Laurent Garnier under his alias of Alaska of ‘Lost In Alaska’ in 1993, and nearly 9-minute magic, with melodies that lead us mental travel; ‘The Followers’ opens the EP-2, with a more powerful sound, powerful drums which are fuseded to a soft and sensual melodies, sounds more undulating with ‘Delicatessen’, with a great development of the composition; ‘Time Is Running Out’ opens the EP-3, with a sound more Deep and sensual and ‘Starchild’, which closes this series, with a very soft progression along the 8 more minutes. 6 tracks in which Federico Gandin show us that techno more melodic, soft and sensitive.


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