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Iko & Gibb – Tracy EP [Tici Taci] (2015)


Last April, the British imprint of Tici Taci (run by Duncan Gray) traveled to France to present the debut of the excellent collaboration of Iko & Gibb, from Paris with Maxime Iko, who from 2012 with publications on the labels of VIVa MUSiC Limited, Days Of Being Wild or Loveyeah, or participating in the compilation of Astro Lab Recordings, and from Lyon with Markus Gibb, who from 2012 with publications in labels such as Rock To The Beat, Clouded Vision Recordings, Frucht, Ninefont Music or Never Stop Music, or a split EP with Paresse for the label Magic Feet Recordings (run by Craig Bratley), presenting as a debut single ‘Praying Mantis’ that was accompanied by remixes from Peza and Thomass Jackson; and now comes the continuation thereof in Tici Taci, a new single called ‘Tracy’, a new cut that accompanies this time with 3 remixes, the first with the artist of Marseille of daWad, who owns the IRM Records, and that recently put up his project with Mokic, a project that has already released EPs on labels like Nein Records, Clouded Vision Recordings or Tici Taci; the second remix comes with the owner of the label, the excellent Duncan Gray and finally, the brilliant debut of the British trio of Slugrave, formed by Ben Ervine, Joe Muggs and Richie Rundle.

‘Tracy’ is the second single of Iko & Gibb in Tici Taci, as in the previous composition of the duo, take us to a few dark atmospheres, full of mystery and something sinister, with a slow tempo, menacing throughout its more than 7 minutes, with dark and strong bass, and a few chopped dialogues of films, all the necessary ingredients to bring you to landscapes of terror and mistery.

For the remixes to Iko & Gibb, first we found the remix signed by daWad, he adds a few more hypnotic rhythms, a hypnotism which increases with the incorporation of a wah-wah guitars, as well as the incorporation of a Cello played by the own daWad, all with a sound somewhat more disco. For his part, Duncan Gray, as usual in this multi-instrumentist, adds a band to perform the song, sharp guitars, bas in key of funk, drums that accompany with the rhythm, a remix that invites us to move and dance. Finally, a pleasant surprise, the debut of Slugrave, with a brilliant remix, a cosmic and galactic trip of more than 7 minutes, a hypnotic and psychedelic percussion, hard-hitting synthesizers, energetic bass and a frantic rhythm that it steals our minds to make it a good trip.

Iko & Gibb – Tracy EP [Tici Taci TICITACI 023] (21 August, 2015)
1 Iko & Gibb – Tracy (original mix) 07:29
2 Iko & Gibb – Tracy (DaWad remix) 06:50
3 Iko & Gibb – Tracy (Duncan Gray remix) 05:41
4 Iko & Gibb – Tracy (Slugrave remix) 07:15


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