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Iñigo Vontier – What Matters EP [Melomana Records] (2015)


The spanish imprint of Melomana Records (Gameboyz & Olmo), reaching their first year of life, and does so with its fifth reference on the label, and again a look to Mexico, this time with the Dj and producer of Iñigo Vontier (Salon Acapulco) that in his career alone with their more international results, on this occasion the Mexican producer presents 2 original compositions accompanied by 2 remixes of 2 duos, by opening this new EP ‘La Cosa’ and its 8 minutes with alien sounds, rhythm catchy and dark to succeed on the dance floor, track accompanying remix of the British duo of Eskimo Twins, with a new demonstration of the excellent quality of this duo when working the remixes, with an acid lines, up tempo and a more melodic touch leading to the epic remix, killer, excellent 8 minutes; the another original composition, ‘Turn Off’, shows us an Inigo with a slower tempo, more forceful, with some voices very retro industrial and mysterious, brilliant track that accompanies the remix of the debut of the female duo of She Made Monster, formed by Morgan Hammer with Mexican producer of Lokier, and a more than brilliant remix, raising the tempo and reaching the 7-minute remix, dark, with tension and mystery, killer.

Iñigo Vontier – What Matters EP [Melomana Records MEL 005] (24 February, 2015) Pre-Order @ Juno
1 Iñigo Vontier – La Cosa (original mix) 07:51
2 Iñigo Vontier – La Cosa (Eskimo Twins remix) 07:47
3 Iñigo Vontier – Turn Off (original mix) 05:08
4 Iñigo Vontier – Turn Off (She Made Monster remix) 06:56


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