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An Interview with Oddio Factory


When Mysextape ran into Black at that after party, they were particularly “tired” (especially Mysextape). – Bloody hell! What a shit sound! All these years we’ve been mixing, you don’t think it’s time to move our asses and show them what we can do. —– “Flash back to the 90s”: record shops, radio shows, in short the big family of the House Nation. Their motto: “Open your mind and shake your ass” (and vice versa). Their weapons : two mk2, a freevoxx, TurboSound out front and 100 vinyls in the crate. Facing them 200 clubbers in the zone ready for the big trip. So let the party begin !!!! —- – Let’s go brother! But we remain dignified … .. We play with feeling, Subdisco, HybridSoul, and Neoldschool. OK ? – Are you stupid or what? We keep the same guiding principle : HOUSE MUSIC !!! We mix global, we remain visionaries. Energy and emotion, that is the DJ’s fucking holy Grail … And so in the dampness of this obscure evening, the ODDiO FACToRY project was born…

When and how did you get your interest in electronic music?

Karim : I believe my first contact with hypnotic sound must have been from my very first instants of life in my mother’s womb, listening constantly to her heartbeats. I have always thought that this is what most of us unconsciously feels when clubbing. This overwhelming vibration, reassuring and sexy at the same time, this is what we try instilling into our music productions and our mixes. Music, and especially electronic music, helps me feeling alive.
Fabrice : I have started studying drums at the music academy when I was 10 years old, in 1982, an old rusty Tama drum set next to an electronic Roland drum set. My first poetic memory of electronic music was while watching the film Midnight Express and discovering “The Chase” by Giorgio Moroder. The power of the synthesizers, the ultimate fusion between man and technology, a living technology, such a forward thinker really.

Oddio Factory
Oddio Factory

What can you tell us about the scene of your city? What would you improve?

Even if the House scene and the overall music panorama are seriously struggling at the moment in Paris, like everywhere else in the World, I’d like to think that they will be able to reset themselves finding a much more human dimension. The excess of the star system, DJ and parties that cost a ridiculous amount of money might now calm down a bit, letting in some fresher air for a better purpose. It might be a bit of an idealistic and utopic vision, but I believe that anyone who might decide to make a living with music must still be quite an idealist and a utopian. There is a growing new audience out there claiming for a high quality underground music like it was in the 90’s. Every day there are more cool projects and collaborations coming up with a politic approach and we are glad to be part of this movement.

Finally, what can you tell us about your present and future projects?

In 1997 we shared the turntables with Salt City Orchestra at the Rex Club in Paris. We were at our first experiences as young DJ but we were already big fan of Paper Recordings. We would never thought at that time that one day we would have become part of the Paper family. Regarding the future, Oddio’s future, we stay positive. We are taking it one step at the time, there is no rush anyway, we are still a young duo of 40’s so…plenty of time, aye? We are currently working on two new EP and a remix collaboration with Keita Sano. We attach as much importance to the conception of our productions as to our DJ sets. We seek the right balance between hypnosis and “surprise effects” while remaining coherent, in telling our musical stories.
Our goal is to develop our personal musical universe, which includes also a cinematic and visual identity (this is thanks to our collaboration with great artists, such as Fred Le Chevalier, who is the author of our logo and most of our graphics in our Video clip) and to play as soon as possible in most of the best clubs and after party around the World.


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