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Irregular Disco Workers – DiscoSocialism – Como Las Grecas Exclusive Mix (May 2013)


Exclusive Mix great Italian duo Irregular Disco Workers a mix in their own words:
80’s in Italy was a period of hedonism, consumerism, economical growth (especially italian fashion growth),commercial tv expansion, Laissez-Faire Capitalism,music creativity, but also an economy destroyed at the beginning of the 90’s with the growth of public debt and corruption .

Italian Socialist Party is the real starring of this 80’s based on leaderism ( Bettino Craxi) , Marxism surrender ,and Reagan and Thatcher ideas influence.

Discosocialism is an ironic term used by IDW inspired to socialist Labor Minister Gianni De Michelis very famous as a “good life” lover,and Italian discotheques regular client with Democrazia Cristiana Party parlament member Renato Altissimo.
In 1988 he wrote a cheesy and thrash book to Italian Discotheques called ” Dove Andiamo a ballare questa sera?” (Where do we go dance tonight?).

In these mix we want to re-create musically today, with the help also of big contemporary disco artists, and some obscure weird italo disco 80’s rare, the cheesy, hedonist but also decadent atmosphere of the 80’s Socialist Domination.

2.Kris Menace Feat. Black Hills – Waiting For You (Oliver Remix)[Compuphonic]
3.Statickman – The End Of Times (Lazy Kiss Remix) [Emerald And Doreen]
4.Messalina – Messalina [Lupus]
5.23rd Underpass- You’ll never know [Delivery Records]
6.Ganymede Feat. Paul Parker – Perfect Target (Ali Renault Remix)[Sauroid]
7.Alyne – Over The Sky (Kid Machine Edit)
8. Raffaella Carrà – Bolero [CGD]
9.Almunia – Space And Time [No Static Recordings]
10.Crimea X – Haunted Love [Hell Yeah!]
11.Sleazy Mcqueen – What I Need (Anthony Mansfield Remix)[ISM]
12. Starion – Mothership (Deep Space Mix)[Emerald & Doreen]
13.B.G. Baarregaard –Bulls And Blazers (Craxi Disco Remix) [Disco Volante Recordings]
14.Actrazer – We Own The Night [Rosso Corsa]
15.Ghost Beach – Miracle (Gigamesh Remix)[The Most Definitely]
16.Umberto Smaila –Soldati [Ricordi]
17.Ghecko – Firelight (Flemming Dalum Remix)[Flexx]
18.Anthonys Games – Sunshine Love [We Love Italo Disco]
19.The Robot Scientists Feat. Lisa – Black Hole (Irregular Disco Workers Italo Remix) [Emerald & Doreen]
20.GmGn & Dusty Digital – Starlite Paradise (Auxiliary The Masterfader Remix) [Mozzarella Rec.]
21.Giorgio Moroder Vs Mb Disco – From Here To Eternity (Aeroplane Remix)[Mb Disco]
22.Falco – Vienna Calling (Jarle Brathen 2013 Re-fix)[MB Disco]
23.The Beat Broker – Limit [Groove Democracy
24.Daniela Poggi – Cielo [Polydor]
25.Downtown Party Network -The Returning Feat. James Yuill (The Time & Space Machine Feel Your Love Mix) [Is It Balearic?]
26.The Egg – Catch (The C90’s Remix) [Squarepeg]
27.Martin Brodin – Funky Gura [Mb Disco]
28.Ajello Feat. Don Cico – Sabrer [Danny Was A Drag King]
29.Klapto – Mister Game (Alden Tyrrel Vocal Remix) [Radius]
30.Carmen Russo – Si [Five Record]
31.Rex The Dog Feat. Jamie McDermott –Do You Feel What I Feel [Southern Fried]
32.Holy Ghost – Wait And See [DFA]
34.Clio – Eyes (Paris Remix) [Clone Classic Cuts]
35.Irregular Disco Workers Vs Semi – Functional – Megalopolis [Disco Volante Recordings]
36.Deep88 – Me Myself and an Mpc [12Records]
37.Sabrina – Gringo [Videogram]
38.Kamp – Melt (Zimmer Remix)[Discotexas]
39.Bottin – Dirty[Tin]
40.Alden Tyrrell Feat. Fred Ventura – Don’t Stop [Discomodernism]
41.Irregular Disco Workers – Viaggio Nel Corpo Umano [Opilec Music]

Grazie Irregular Disco Workers


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