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Italo Brutalo – Spydor EP [Nein Records] (2015)


In the summer of 2012, debuted a mysterious producer, a producer who arrived with all the influence of Disco, Italo, Cosmic and derivatives, a lover of synthesizers, a debut that was produced in the Italian imprint of Mozzarella Recordings, the debut of Italo Brutalo project with an EP which included 4 excellent original tracks and remixes from Rambla Boys Pwndtiac and Andreas Høyer, subsequently signed excellent remixes for Kris Menace & The Kiki Twins, Gente Di Marte or Rambla Boys, coming last year at the prestigious label of Days Of Being Wild with a remix for Catalepsia, and later with his own ‘Systeria EP’, with 3 new original cuts and a remix from the French duo of Club Bizarre, and recently signed to the British label of Nein Records a remix for the Dutch producer of Pin Up Club, and now in Nein Records, Italo Brutalo has just released his new EP, an EP consisting of 2 original cuts and it is complemented with 4 remixes, some remixes that offer us a very different style from the original cuts, the first remix comes signed by the owner of the label, the British producer and Dj of Tronik Youth, the second from Holland with Pin Up Club, the third, also from the Netherlands with another producer in love with the analogues as is Vincent Koreman aka Drvg Cvltvre, and finally, from New York with Tunnel Signs aka Ash Moses.

This new EP by Italo Brutalo in Nein Records EP opens with ‘Spydor’, with the flavour of the 80s, classic synths and other old machines, but with a current, modern sound, a trip to the past with result modern, with a slow tempo, menacing steadily advancing towards us, that is takes over our mind and leads us along a dark night full of mysteries; in the second track, ‘Come To Me Now’, raises the tempo of the track, takes us to the dance floor, is filled with neon lights, from lasers throwing synthesizers, and a pace that is hooked to make us dance.

For the remixes, first with Tronik Youth and his remix for ‘Spydor’, with sequences of analogue, more darkness, more rugged, powerful and hard remix; Pin Up Club with a remix to ‘Come To Me Now’, softens the tempo, prints some more relaxing atmospheres and a few light with soft touches of acid, with a magical result and dreamy melodies; the same track whith a remix from Drvg Cvltvre with a remix called ‘Brutalism’, and that the one will find in the remix, analog, uncompromising, hard-hitting and powerful, brutal strokes of hammers, raw sounds and 7 minutes of pure energy; and finally, with Tunnel Signs wit a remix to ‘Spydor’, a delicious remix of 7 minutes where recovers all the atmpospheres of the 80s, with a development and progression of great quality, a development with the ad of acid lines in the second part, and leading the remix to dancefloor to dance and enjoy.

Italo Brutalo – Spydor EP [Nein Records NEIN037] (27 July, 2015)
1 Italo Brutalo – Spydor (Original Mix) 5:51
2 Italo Brutalo – Come To Me Now (Original Mix) 5:43
3 Italo Brutalo – Spydor (Tronik Youth Remix) 5:39
4 Italo Brutalo – Come To Me Now (Pin Up Club Remix) 5:21
5 Italo Brutalo – Come To Me Now (Drvg Culture Brutalism Mix) 7:21
6 Italo Brutalo – Spydor (Tunnel Signs Mix) 6:59


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