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fckdsko: “I’ve always wanted to be a musician in one way or another”


The dj and producer of Colorado: fckdsko, aka Alex Ho Megas, has managed to conquer a unique sound. Everything else has been matter of time, affinities, hits, ideas, work, and an honesty to his own music, that predicts you a good future.


When and how did you get your interest in electronic music?

I’ve been into composing music pretty much my entire life. Since I was 6, I was never interested in playing what was in the music lessons, I always wanted to create instead. Then when I was in like 8th grade or so, I got introduced to acts like Zombie Nation, Kernkraft 400, and Daft Punk, and I remember when those basslines would hit, it would do something to my brain that non-synythesized music hand’t before. Then I went to Germany to visit some new family, and my cousin who’d I’d never met had a copy of FL Studio 9 on his computer and was showing me around it. From then on I was hooked, and to this day, I use a copy of FL Studio 10 for certain things.

How did you decide to dedicate into production?

I’ve always wanted to be a musician in one way or another. It almost feels like it was decided for me by genetics or something, and to not do it would be like not procreating.

What is your criterion when you are producing? What inspire you?

My criterion is to try my best to create something unique. Its made it more difficult to find places to promote myself, since everything is so niche oriented now a days, however I am pretty uncompromising in my desire to be unique, because creating something new is untapped frontier, which is exciting. As far as what inspires me, a bunch of stuff. My emotions, my setting, my motivation to begin with. As far as genre’s go, I’m really influenced by post-rock, shoegaze, minimal classical, and acid jazz, on top of the dance trifecta of house, techno and breaks.

How do you assess the trajectory you have had and what were the reasons that led you to start it?

I’m still pretty young in my career, only having launched this project 8 months ago. So far, the trajectory has been pretty good, I think. Most musicians never get anyone to write about them, so I feel privledged to have anyone talking about me at all. As far as what led me to start it recently, I first wanted to learn how to market and figure out another form of passive income before. I figured that out, so therefore I started producing more seriously. I’d recommend to anyone wanting to start in music to recognize that we have a massive resource called the internet where it’s relatively easy to start your own business that generates passive income through selling something online. Sure, it takes a lot of practice, however, it will also teach you how to market, and network, two things that I think any expert would say is key in the success of music. Plus you won’t be broke.

Could you recommend a set that you are especially proud of  it, and that we can see on your Soundcloud or on YouTube?

It’s not so much that I’m proud of the set, more than I’m proud of the concept behind it. I’m trying to release shorter sets, so people don’t feel pressured to listen to an hour and a half long thing. So I put out a portion of a set I played in Medellin, Colombia. One day I may release the whole thing, but for now, I like its format.

What was your criterion when producing your last EP?

Just try things and see if it works.

What can you tell us about the scene of your city? What would you improve?

The scene in Denver is an old scene, going back 30 years or so. However, it really only started attracting consistent name talent in the last 5 or so years. And within the last two it has really blown up. I don’t know of any household names from here, however, that might be attributed to a something that I’m trying to actively improve: exposure. Around the time I launched fckdsko, I also started “COscillator: an advisory on Colorado underground electronic music” because I saw a need to make it easy for people to find these events, since the scene here has a lot of promoters, and can be almost too underground sometimes [laughs]. With COscillator, I also started interviewing touring artists coming through Colorado, where for one of the questions, I get a local producer to ask one, while simultaniously introducing the touring artist to the local’s music. If they listen to it, and like it, who knows, it could really change one of these producer’s lives.

Finally, what can you tell us about your present and future projects?

My current project, “Dusk”, in a melty, drone-y, vapored out dance track, with house and latin vibes, overlayed with distorted guitar like synthesizers and saxophone samples ran through a myriad of effects. If you donate to Mental Health Colorado, I’ll let you download it. In conjunction with COscillator, we are going to throw some fundraising events too.


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