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J. Ares – Como las Grecas Podcast



    1. Justine- She´s A Freaks (Jonah Considine mix)
    2. Damon Jee- Summer No Summer (Hardway Bros feat Duncan Gray Remix)
    3. Heretic- Pollux (Hardway Bros Boccaccio Remix)
    4. Q Lazzarus- Goodbye horses (Buffalo bill mix)
    5. Beato Cozzi- Killer
    6. Tronik Youth- The Healer
    7. Pete Callard- One Way
    8. La Mverte & Alejandro Paz – Show me the Law (La Mverte diversion mix)
    9. Lokier- Always dawn
    10. DaWad feat Dr. No- Dancing Delight
    11. Martin & Guy- Canción (Para ti)
    12. WLDV- Cassiopeia
    13. DaWad & Mokic- Eat me (Damon Jee remix)
    14. Nouvelle Phenomene – Cruel Game (Vanzetti & Sacco remix)
    15. Damon Jee- Summer no Summer
    16. Steve Cobby & Trudie Dawn Smith – We Start Over (Arpiento & Lx remix)


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