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Jacob Bellens – Polyester Skin Remixes EP [Hafendisko] (2015)


A few weeks ago, the imprint from Hamburg of hfn Music presented the single advancement of the next album of the Danish singer, songwriter and musician of Jacob Bellens, ‘Polyester Skin’ with the production of Kasper Bjørke, and now in the sub-label of hfn Music, hafendisko, presents the second part of this single, the remixes of that single, ‘Polyester Skin Remixes EP’, 4 remixes, 4 remixes that offer us a some very sound different from each other, as well as different from the original composition, a remixes that are signed by 3 prestigious artists, so first find the remix signed by German duo of Tuff City Kids, formed by prestigious artists Gerd Janson (owner of Running Back) and Phillip Lauer aka Lauer, 2 names synonyms of high quality, with individual experience and as a duo always offer some very good remixes; the second remix comes with the producer with French origin and resident in London of Abstraxion aka Harold Boué, founder of Biologic Records and who after 10 years of musical career the past 2013 published his debut album of ‘Break Of Lights’; and finally, one of the names is taking more impact in recent years, the artist with British origin and resident in Berlin of Man Power aka Geoff Kirkwood, and with this solo project, this year published his debut album on the label of Correspondant.

‘Polyester Skin Remixes’ by Jacob Bellens in hafendisko (hfn Music) opens with the remix from Tuff City Kids, the duo of Gerd Janson and Phillip Lauer lead us directly to the center of the club, to the dance floor, with a high tempo, 124 BPM, with loops of break vocals from the original by Jacob, and with an inspiration from the classic rave sound, strong, energetic and full of power to put on-fire the dancefloor.

On the other hand, Abstraxion with his remix leads us to a dark and mysterious atmospheres, arpeggiated synthesizers, latent bassline, some elements that add deep to the composition, intimate and melancholic remix, with a modulations that give tension and hypnotism.

Finally, Man Power, offers 2 remixes, remix and dub, the remix version maintains the original vocals of Jacob, and development over 8 minutes an atmosphere more relaxed environmental, bass chords joined soft and delicate synthesizers with a cosmic touch, with a development in which remix is growing and rising to bring us to a climax filled with energy, amazing remix; and at another remix, Dub, increases the feeling of deep, the voice of Jacob from the deep, with effects, a remix more magical and trippy.

Jacob Bellens – Polyester Skin Remixes EP [Hafendisko HFNDISK26] (11 December, 2015)
1 Jacob Bellens – Polyester Skin (Tuff City Kids Remix) 6:13
2 Jacob Bellens – Polyester Skin (Abstraxion Remix) 8:03
3 Jacob Bellens – Polyester Skin (Man Power Remix) 8:04
4 Jacob Bellens – Polyester Skin (Man Power Dub) 8:06

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