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James Rod – Joysked Undergound EP [Tici Taci] (2015)


For the last reference on British label of Tici Taci (run by Duncan Gray), the label travels to Badajoz to present the producer of James Rod, an artist with a more techno music-oriented in the past, and who from 2013 takes a turn to his music with an orientation toward classical disco music and inspiration on the Nordic producers, since it has been publishing a lot of EPs on labels such as Disco Rebels, Disco Volante Recordings (Irregular Disco Workers), No Static Recordings (Nang Records), Good Stuff Recordings, Rare Wiri Records (Rayko), Tom Tom Disco (Richard Rossa) or Audaz among other many labels, and now comes to the British label with ‘Joysked Undergound EP’ to present 2 new cuts from this producer that are complemented with 2 remixes, ofirst with a duo usual on the label, from Dublin with Future Bones (Leo Pearson & Stephen Mulhall) and from Madrid with Canary origin the producer of Rayko, a veteran and respected DJ and producer on the disco / cosmic scene, besides being the label owner of Rare Wiri Records.

This debut of James Rod on Tici Taci opens with more than 9 minutes of ‘Joysked Undergound’, a cut of slow combustion, where the usual rhythms disco and cosmic from James acquired a more hypnotic, bubbly sound, more in the line of the label, with a few light touches of acid and a long development of the track in which James feels very comfortable; in the second cut of ‘Olsen Disket’ ups the tempo of the track, and closer to the Todd Terje music and other Nordic artists, as already indicated by the same name of the track, 10 minutes of disco sounds, with touches funk and cosmic elements.

For remixes, 2 remixes for the track ‘Joysked Underground’, the first with the duo of Future Bones, adding a few atmospheres of mystery and dark, threatening at night and melodies that are advancing without concessions, galactic synths are managing, ravaging all what is ahead, hard-hitting remix. For his part, master of Rayko offers a remix called ‘Energetic Remix’, a new demonstration of the quality of this producer, slightly raising the tempo of the track and presenting a cosmic and galactic trip of the remix, a trip at the Rayko spaceship in the center of the dance floor.

James Rod – Joysked Undergound EP [Tici Taci TICITACI026] (20 November, 2015)
1 James Rod – Joysked Underground (Original Mix) 9:23
2 James Rod – Olsen Disket (Original Mix) 10:10
3 James Rod – Joysked Underground (Future Bones remix) 7:27
4 James Rod – Joysked Underground (Rayko’s energetic remix) 5:24


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