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Jay Tripwire – Free From The Lucifer Experiment EP [Superfreq SFD016] (2014)


The veteran Canadian producer Jay Tripwire comes with 4 great new tracks for the label from Los Angeles of Superfreq under the name ‘Free From The Lucifer Experiment EP’, a title like Jay himself describes : “The spirit can do whatever it wants, but if it decides to cut itself off from the rest of consciousness and create a separate reality on its own, it can do that too: this is called the Lucifer Experiment. We’ve been kind of lead to believe that Lucifer is evil and the Devil. This just isn’t true. Lucifer is just another means of perceiving reality.” So the EP open with ‘Westside Scoundre ‘, proud of his West Coast roots, and built the track with TB 303, Novation Nova, Juno 106, Moog and others for this mysterious, hypnotic track, with percussion, and touch of acid and those voices that grabs you in the almost 9 minutes away from all track; in ‘Kerosine’ with more House bases, more deep and melodic; and 9 other hypnotics minutes with ‘Silver Box Chakra’ and close the EP with another 9 minutes of ‘Gisadadah’ excellent tribal percussion and analog sound with a psychedelic, hypnotic result.

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