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Joel West – Inner Worlds [Woodwork] (2020)


Joel West from Vancouver joins Woodwork Roster with this beautiful two-track featuring a standout remix of Jay Tripwire. These two prominent Vancouver techno personalities really manage to create a strong and emotional release greater than the sum of its parts.

The title track ‘inner worlds’ exemplifies sophistication and elegance in the realm of deep minimalist techno. Right from the start, you instantly feel deep in content and delivery. Each track resonates from the depths, and manages to delve into a unique and very personal sonic cosmos, covering a wide range of sonic textures that will make our speakers roar.

A striking sound choice of sparse elements combined with lush overtones runs its course in this expertly crafted arrangement, which is very reminiscent of the deeper sounds that come from a label like Poker Flat.

However, ‘Knock’ takes the energy level up a notch and takes us into a unique realm somewhere between classic Detroit and modern techno. The intensity is high through and through, with undeniable house hits supported by a punchy, robust kick and gliding waves from that techno staple, the 909 ride cymbal. The hard-hitting toms and minimal synth hits create a counter-groove perfectly embedded in a stuttering tambourine line.

Jay Tripwire supports this already powerful endeavor with an impressive and meditative electro version of the ‘inner worlds’. The sectional, reflective melody of the original track remains the focal point, but they stand out even more and are often mixed solo. Around that stable frame, Tripwire deals with some low-speed subliminal acid and a fantastic theatrical 808 beat, with a dash of its trademark analog delay feedback art.

We do not know what the future holds, but we do know that this album is a testimony of a turbulent and uncertain present, which will remain in our memory forever.


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