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John Clements – Love Beat/Sunset Theme [Disco Volante Recordings] (2013)


British-born and now living in Oslo, John Clements (Plastic Fantastic Records) arrives to the italian label of Disco Volante Recordings with 2 new songs, ‘Love Beat’ very spacey and relaxed, cosmic, like a soundtrack on a spaceship for moments of rest, and ‘Sunset Theme’ with such powerful bass and synthesizers space travel that lead us to the future, delightful composition, and this track come with 3 remixes, from Italy with Fab Mayday (Italo Italians Records), takes up the BPM and put the original track to the dance floor with loop bass and spatial effects and with a brilliant result, great remix, from Madrid, Dynamicron also choose to increase BPM and give a touch more for the dance floor, with more groove, a great percussion and some touches of psychedelic sounds, and the high quality of Dynamicron (Los Grandes) in all its works, and finally, the owners of the label, Irregular Disco Workers further accentuate the look of the space-cosmic, a remix that lives up to its name ‘Hyperspace Walk’, to fly a while in hyperspace and go with the music.

John Clements – Love Beat/Sunset Theme [Disco Volante Recordings DVR 039] (12 August, 2013) Buy @ Juno
1 Love Beat 05:52
2 Sunset Theme 04:39
3 Sunset Theme (Fab Mayday remix) 04:38
4 Sunset Theme (Dynamicron remix) 06:13
5 Sunset Theme (Irregular Disco Workers Hyperspace Walk) 06:09


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