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Jori Hulkkonen – Capetown People / Fall Hard [My Favorite Robot Records] (2015)


With the celebration of his twenty years in the musical scene, the veteran and prestigious Finnish producer of Jori Hulkkonen announces his new album for the Canadian imprint of My Favorite Robot Records, an album to be issued on September 28, the Canadian imprint last may published a Sampler EP with 4 cuts of this new anticipated album of Jori Hulkkonen, an album that comes six years after his previous album ‘Man From Earth’ (Turbo, 2009), a few years in which Jori has been using his alias of Third Culture or Nuclear Winter Garden, or joining the projects of Sin Cos Tan, Stop Modernists or Processory will release his varied collection of musical styles, always with that quality that the Finnish producer shows, and now presents this ‘Capetown People / Fall Hard’.

This new EP, advance of the upcoming new album of Jori Hulkkonen in My Favorite Robot Records, arrives after his passage this summer by the Areal Records with ‘Death By Semantics EP’, and now presents this 2 new cuts from the album, 2 very different cuts together, which demonstrate the quality and eclecticism of this brilliant artist, thus, we find in ‘Capetown People’ to a Jori Hulkkonen more cosmic and space, and very hypnotic, with soft melodies that are incorporated the analogue sounds to launch those sounds more techno and raw, with touches of acid, and reminiscences to the sounds of the 90s. While in another cut of this EP, ‘Fall Hard’, he shows us a sung composition, that peculiar and bright voice of Jori adorning most deep melodies, with a few atmospheres more dark and mysterious, delicate and beautiful composition.

Jori Hulkkonen – Capetown People / Fall Hard [My Favorite Robot Records MFR129] (21 September, 2015)
1 Jori Hulkkonen – Capetown People (Original Mix) 5:49
2 Jori Hulkkonen – Fall Hard (Original Mix) 6:55


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