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Jori Hulkkonen – Oh But I Am (LP) [My Favorite Robot Records] (2015)


Celebrating his 20 years of music, Finnish artist Jori Hulkkonen, with about 20 albums and more than 150 singles to date, a long history and prestige, an artist who in the beginning was leaning over close to techno and electronic sounds, and with the passing of the years their music has evolved in constant search of new sounds, new styles, new stimuli, an artist who in addition to his projects as Jori Hulkkonen, at the same time has led other individual projects to different styles of music, such as his recent projects of Third Culture or Nuclear Winter Garden, or in the same way, form part of different formations as Sin Cos Tan, Stop Modernists or Processory, back is their way through prestigious imprints of F Communications (Eric Morand and Laurent Garnier) or Turbo Recordings (Tiga) to reach the Canadian imprint of My Favorite Robot Records in 2012, and every time his sound is more care, more detailed, is approaching more synth-pop sounds (a style that feels great weakness), disco, house, pop, an explosive combination that acquires a special sound in the hands of this great artist thus becomes his new album ‘Oh But I Am’ for the Canadian imprint of My Favorite Robot Records, 12 new compositions, 73 minutes, where Jori moves very comfortably by different musical styles, an album that preceded 2 EPS of presentation, last May the ‘Sampler EP’ with 4 songs of the album, and the last week with a new EP with 2 songs more, and this week was finally published the new album, 6 years after his last album signed as Jori Hulkkonen, an excellent and highly recommended album.

‘Oh But I Am’, the new album by Jori Hulkkonen on the imprint of My Favorite Robot Records opens masterfully with ‘Last Cut Is The Deepest’, deep, elegant and bright instrumental composition that takes us into the universe of Jori, a fresh percussions, synthesizers, advancing from epic form at night to bring light, a light that comes with ‘Waiting Is All We Have’ with quiet, relaxing rhythms and almost Balearic, ethereal and magical atmospheres that hypnotize us, the first sung song of the album comes with ‘Four Step Program’, with that melancholic voice of Jori, merged with melodies of dreamy, something cosmic sounds, percussion and bass organic that give elegance to the track; and another song sung by Jori, ‘Black Boots’ with 7 minutes of rhythms almost Balearic, downtempo, relaxed with a wealth of instruments, from organic, trumpets, percussion along with some warm synths and the great voice of Jori, and lead us to sound more balearic, to leave the imagination and enjoy the good music with ‘Quick To Judge, Slow To Execute’, with an excellent progression and development , constant crescendo; with Capetown People’ we are entering a more cosmic, spatial sound, and very hypnotic, with soft melodies are incorporated that analog to launch those sounds more techno and crude, with a touch of acid, and reminiscences to the sounds of the 90s; in the following ‘Fall Hard’ cut, it shows us an other sung composition, the voice of Jori adorning most deep melodies, with a dark and mysterious atmospheres, delicate and beautiful composition; in ‘Songs of the Eastern World’ with more than 6 minutes, an instrumental composition, magical melodies and one more sound of club, dark and hypnotic; the mystery, arrives with the more techno ‘Left alone, Right Together’, metal percussion, and hypnotic rhythms, to make way for the memory of the synth-pop / Italo from 80s with with ‘Italian Love Affair’, melancholy and delicate composition, and following in the 80s, more pop with ‘Ready Player One’, with an emotional piano, synthesizers classics launching music lasers and the spectacular voice of Jori; and closing the album with the fun ‘Exotica Memoirs’, fresh and exotic rhythms in contrast to the melancholy voice of Jori.

Jori Hulkkonen – Oh But I Am (LP) [My Favorite Robot Records MFR130] (28 September, 2015)
1 Last Cut Is The Deepest (Original Mix) 5:09
2 Waiting Is All We Have (Original Mix) 6:39
3 Four Step Program (Original Mix) 5:57
4 Black Books (Original Mix) 7:08
5 Quick To Judge, Slow To Execute (Original Mix) 7:27
6 Capetown People (Original Mix) 5:49
7 Fall Hard (Original Mix) 6:55
8 Songs Of The Eastern World (Original Mix) 6:17
9 Left Alone, Right Together (Original Mix) 6:04
10 Italian Love Affair (Original Mix) 5:53
11 Ready Player One (Original Mix) 4:54
12 Exotica Memoirs (Original Mix) 5:24

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