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Jori Hulkkonen – Oh But I Am Remixes EP [My Favorite Robot Records] (2015)


The last September the Canadian imprint of My favorite Robot Records publishes the album of the return of the Finnish producer of Jori Hulkkonen, the project of his same name, after 6 years of his previous album, 6 years in which Jori Hulkkonen has focused on other side projects, a new album which he is the celebration of 20 years in music, 20 years in which he has published with his different projects about 20 albums and over 150 singles, one of the biggest names in the current electronics, and now in My favorite Robot Records label publishing the pack of remixes from this last album called ‘Oh But I Am’, a selection of 5 cuts from this album, 5 of the 12 that formed the album, 5 cuts that now occur with new remixes, the first remix comes from Italy with the collaboration of the producers of the label Connaisseur Recordings of Musumeci and new talent of Lehar; from France with the duo of Villanova (Adrien Bezes & Marc Antoine Bianco), a duo with 2 EPs for the Canadian label; from Mexico with the duo of Balcazar & Sordo; the artist of the label BPitch Control of Camea aka Camea Hoffman, the more veteran artist from this EP; and finally, from UK with a great revelations of these last 2 years, Heretic aka Timothy Clerkin, half of the duo of Eskimo Twins.

Opening the pack of remixes to Jori Hulkkonen in My favorite Robot Records with the collaboration of Musumeci & Lehar, repeating collaboration as they already did this summer on Connaisseur Recordings, and they now with a remix to ‘Waiting Is All We Have’, with more than 6 minutes of arpeggios and melodies from dreamy to accompany this magical journey to the space, to the stars; the duo of Villanova with a remix for the cut of ‘Four Step Program’, taking it to the almost 8 minutes of dark and deep atmospheres, trip with a more minimalist electronic and he voice of Jori that gives a special touch to the remix, hypnotic and captivating remix; the duo of Balcazar & Sordo and their remix for ‘ Quick to Judge, Slow to Execute’ lead us to other hypnotics 8 minutes, with a sound more deep, synthesizers that mesmerize us and some rhythmic percussion with the voice of Jori floating in the middle of the melodies; Camea presents her remix for It’s Taken Too Long’ to present a totally dark and mysterious atmospheres, a trip with tension and vocal loops over 8 minutes of remix; and finally, Heretic and the remix to ‘Songs Of The Eastern World’, a new delight of this producer, brings us a trip in a slow tempo, with environmental and relaxing sounds in which the acid lines is being developed, the raw sound of analog will be managing the trip into the cosmos, into outer space.

Jori Hulkkonen – Oh But I Am Remixes EP [My Favorite Robot Records MFR134] (13 November, 2015)
1 Jori Hulkkonen – Waiting Is All We Have (Musumeci & Lehar Remix) 6:40
2 Jori Hulkkonen – Four Step Program (Villanova Remix) 7:52
3 Jori Hulkkonen – Quick to Judge, Slow to Execute (Balcazar & Sordo Remix) 8:04
4 Jori Hulkkonen – It’s Taken Too Long (Camea Remix) 7:51
5 Jori Hulkkonen – Songs Of The Eastern World (Heretic Remix) 8:04

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