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Juan Soto presents Ritual [Espacio Cielo]


Espacio Cielo is a Spanish label that brings them to you. Parissior, as a curator, is an absolute genius of the most danceable and forceful rhythms at the same time, and he knows very well how to get all the aces out of his sleeve in terms of recording and production. All Espacio Cielo records sound completely liberated, as if they were played with their eyes closed, rather than being constructed under a microscope by knowledgeable art school students.

Soon they will present their next release: “Ritual” composed by the Mexican producer Juan Soto, who sounds as reflective as he is emotional, managing to fuse avant-garde electronic rhythms, which knows how to envelop us in an infinite environment. His sound, forging with an immense trajectory, full of great collaborations such as Bufi, Avanti, Rodion, Future Feelings, Technicolor Fabrics, Futurista, Loudspeaker, Trans X, Nomi Ruiz and Zemmoa among others, which means an artist to take into account .

This is demonstrated by “Ritual”, which means the consolidation of the sound of this singular Mexican producer, making a set with the rest of the tracks full of contrasts, as shot in Technicolor, which never loses its freshness. If someone wants to do something good, he must aspire to shred the already known languages. Only from the ruins, as Juan Soto does here, can a new electronics emerge that pursues the future.

We have no doubt that this “Ritual” is up to the task. The quality control of Espacio Cielo, we already know, is ironclad and non-bribery.



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