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Jussi Pekka, Santos Resiak & T.W.I.C.E – Acid Colour Series EP [Flumo Limited FLTD 005] (2014)


The acid is becoming more fashionable, more and more times we hear compositions with an acid touch, and thus the label based in London and Seville of Flumo Recordings, under the sub-label Flumo Limited a new series called ‘Acid Colour’ see the light, with a brilliant presentation on 10″ vinyl yellow colour, gorgeous, both aesthetically and music inside, 2 tracks, 2 exquisite tracks, from the cold Finland with producer Jussi Pekka and his track ‘JacPid’ over 5 minutes pure and crude acid, excellent track, dark, powerful and strong, and the other track, a remix of the Berlin producer Santos Resiak a.k.a Dante for ‘Time To Freak’ of the duo from Sevilla / London of T.W.I.C.E., a remix from 2011 that now sees its publication in vinyl, 8 delicious minutes, pure acid house, classy, perfect for the dance floor where you can best enjoy this track, with excellent progression.

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