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Justice – Safe and Sound [Ed Banger](2016)

Last night debuted on the radio program of Annie Mac on BBC Radio 1, the new theme of the great descendants of the legacy of Daft Punk, the Parisian duo Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay is back with new material, after learning that a few media realized that in the show of the French label Ed Banger this last June at the Sonar festival , the first song with which opened the capo of the seal Busy P your session to six hands together with for One and Boston Bun. With all the commotion, a few days later, on Reddit ran different rumors of his return after having found the net a disturbing image of what appeared to be a simple. Finally the authors of ‘Cross’ confirm that, indeed, that first song that sounds at the set is their new single. Its first material since their last “audio, video, disco” Lp in 2011 is called ‘Safe And Sound’ and now can be heard in a video to learn the lyrics, but that we hope to soon have a video cool in charge of the magnificent Dupieux. In an interview with Annie Mac on BBC Radio 1, the duo confirmed that they have a third album on the road. According to Gaspard Augé, are “putting the finishing touches on it.”

Them gods of the Olympus of the electro French have returned, with the batteries well charged, to let us clear who sent, if, Justice has returned. The line of this Lp is clear in this new single from name “Safe and Sound” is clear cutting disc, with arrangements incredibly Curro to the style of these two great artists, we had to opportunity to interview on his first visit to Madrid on the Low for that 2007. This Ode sounds to the result of meter in an elevator full of synths and guitars to Nile Rodgers, Giorgio Moroder and Thomas Bangalter. Another master piece where the vocal echos to sing them to stay without voice, merged perfectly with that under classical guitar well compressed, seasoned of harmonious pads and ropes, as which production flavoured with 70s, to create another work teacher over to the achievements of these two artistazos, which are still at the height of stardom, with a perfect sound to make us dance until dawn.

Best of all this is that due to the movidon the French have decided to give your topic on mp3 and wav on your own website.


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