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Justine – I Don`t Care EP [Nein Records](2016)


The little traction hat has had the young French Justine as a producer and singer, is perhaps which requires a review of his latest EP “I Don`t Care”, with some caution. Produced by the cult British label, Nein Records, where she debuted with “She’s A Freaks”, EP full of dark, strong and raw sound, but also a statement of intent to the English, of how music can be made stronger through subtleties, and not through muscle, sprinting and instant gimmicks. Therefore, in “I Don`t Care” we find an instinct containment to not get precipitously carried away by the enthusiasm and throw the rooftops. it is obvious that this production comes from a very different producers of the same generation tradition. It’s that kind of producer who came late to the music club and this gap has paradoxically made him virtue, since she practices a type of contaminated energy sound almost punk, and that does credit to same title EP: “I Don`t Care”. An EP consisting of two original cuts that are complemented by two remixes. The first track, namesake, opens an intriguing way, throwing metronomic beats, which make the music moves around a rigid percussion and galactic synths, wrapped in the lynchian voice of Justin. Moreover, “Away” propose us a hypnotic journey with minimalist arrangements but very effective, where the drums are marking us progressively a mysterious direction, distorted by a stark and melancholy voice, without having to use an elaborate message, but relying on the infectious power of the groove. However, the NITE-RATE, remix is designed for a pulsating dance track, with the addition of trash à la française, crunchy rhythms and broken voices. Finally, the enigmatic Sutja Gutiérrez adds a cut more intense experimental, which completes this emotional journey of an addictive EP, which seizes one like a sweet poison, and without being nostalgic -despite to recover some methods that seemed forgotten by the underground music – the electronic scene, gets to have timeless appearance.

If someone wants to do something good, He should aim to crush the known languages. Only from the ruins, as here makes Justine, can arise a new electronic that pursues the future.


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