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K-Effect – Sextant [Roam Recordings] (2020)


The Spanish prolific Dj, Producer, and Sound Master K-Effect (aka David Martín) is back in Roam Recordings with his own material. He arrives on stage again with a new EP called “Sextant” and three original mixes. In addition, the EP contains a fourth track that Moo Moonster is responsible for as remixer.

The Line taken by “Sextant” is not much different from David’s previous releases, which in principles involves quality guarantee. We will never miss charism, passion, and friendly dance motivation on his releases, far beyond opinions or preferences. As always, “Sextant” is a track collection I can take with me after I stop listening to it, and it sounds a lot more cohesive and thought out. Given these basic previous premises, let me dissect the tracklist.

The original mix of “Sextant” has the responsibility of starting the ep. It’s an eclectic tune in which the artist superimposes and mixes different arrangements from different perspectives, as guitar sounds, acid lines, and his habitual disco groove. “El Naya” is designed to give the dancefloor a hypnotic turn. Here acid lines become important too, but the attention is focused on the repetitive rhythm. “Sextant” reaches his peak trough the synth epic of “Astrolabe”. It is a cosmic soundscape where elegance and warm danceable atmospheres go hand in hand. Moo Moonster deals with the remix of the leading track. The Spanish producer proposes a far less eclectic track. Instead it takes a more accessible appearance from dreamy and luminous synth lines and arrangements.

Our bet is that “Sextant” will be most likely to be heard and danced at more underground floors and not-so-underground ones. It will be interesting to see how it works in both settings. We’ll stay tuned.



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